The Benefits Of Raw Foods

There are many benefits that can be obtained from raw food as an alternative diet solution for weight loss.

Your body depends on fresh and wholesome foods to keep it at optimal health while providing great health benefits for many bodily functions.

A raw food diet excludes processed foods that you find in tins and or packaged for the freezer.

The idea is to obtain vital nutrients to supplement proper well-being and increased energy for a better all-round feeling of health and vitality.

Try increasing your intake of natural foods gradually each day until you are consuming at least 50 – 60% of raw food comfortably.

Some of these foods can contain:

  • Nuts
  • Fresh Salads
  • Fruit
  • Seeds & Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fruit Juice (not from concentrated sources)
  • Water

A raw food diet will benefit you in many ways including easier digestion, natural amounts of nutrients, safety from certain diseases caused by eating processed foods, more energy and better (natural) healing capabilities.

This is a better way for obtaining the maximum amount of nutrients from foods compared to the amount you’d receive from preheated foods. A large amount of vitamins and minerals are lost whenever we heat foods or use the microwave.

Whenever you warm your food up to temperatures that exceed 116°F we are damaging the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down foods for our ease of digestion, causing further complications concerning our general digestive health.

If you are trying to compliment your health by detoxing then the raw food diet is definitely for you. Also, you will be preventing many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease/strokes and cancers.

You’ll notice the difference in your skin, hair and nails. Your overall wellness will rise and you’ll generally have a better mood and more clarity whenever you engage the mind for studying, work or meditation.

Your colon will benefit from a natural cleanse, as will your kidneys, liver and intestines. Sleep will be improved, concentration heightened and your outlook on life in general will be renewed.

Many of you will frown at the idea of eating raw foods, but you may heat your meals to a temperature that is below 116°F and still benefit in the many ways discussed above. Make gradual to your diet and experiment with different foo-combinations until you find satisfaction with your new diet.

Keep in mind that you can still consume much of your favourite foods, but you must try to consume raw foods at least 60 – 75% of the time – a goal that you can slowly work towards.

If you have a garden or an allotment then you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, which in time will save you money. Sprouts are an excellent source of nutrition, most containing vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace properties, chlorophyll pigment and much needed proteins.

Try to compliment your health by taking small steps towards a nutritional diet. Anything worthwhile will often take time to master, but this is when we start to reap what we sow.

Challenge yourself to do something that helps your body to help you and stick to it with a mind to achieve. Soon you’ll be enjoying your new diet and you will have made a real change to your life – a change that continues to bring you noticeable benefits every day.




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