The Basics of Becoming an Audiobook Narrator

Becoming an audiobook narrator as a profession is a good choice. However, there are no formal schools for audiobook narration although there are lots of training facilities for this. If you want to learn, you have to be resourceful, patient and determined. Much of the skills you can acquire whether they are technical or mechanical can really depend on how serious you are with your desire to become a professional.


There are several factors that work to make one a good voice over or audiobook narrator. You may take a look at them and consider how they can make an impact on the career you are trying to establish.


1. Practice by reading out loud as often as you can.


Constant practice is the main ingredient of mastery and perfection. If you have children, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to read out loud to them every night. Your kids would surely love to listen to your stories. Another alternative would be to volunteer to read for the blind. This will allow you to develop your skills without exerting too much effort. When reading out loud, try to record yourself and ask someone to critique your performance. You should practice both fiction and non-fiction books as this can help to develop your flexibility. When reading fiction, take note of the characters, their temperaments, and their accents if specified. You should be able to project these even in practice because it can help to make you authentic and credible.


2. Consider acting lessons.


Although they are different in a lot of ways, taking an acting class or taking a part in a community theater can help to give you the experience and confidence to project. Both can certainly help you to to understand and learn to portray certain characters. A lot of audiobook readers are also actors and their ability to represent different characters is remarkable.


3. Critique your own voice and accent.


Voice quality and accent are important in voice acting and audiobook reading profession. Listen to your own voice and accent then compare it with the voice and accent of a voice actor or audiobook reader you admire. Imitating the style of someone successful and practicing it constantly can help you to develop your own talents.


4. Take time to listen to audiobooks.


Listening is the beginning of understanding. By listening to a lot of audiobooks yourself, you will be able to understand some qualities audiobook producers are looking for. This includes flexibility, voice quality and projection and the ability to keep audience engaged.


These are the most basic steps to becoming an audiobook narrator. Once you are confident that your practice has paid off, try to create a demo tape and inquire from small publishing houses on how to submit samples. If luck is not on your side on your first attempt, don’t get discouraged. Practice more and create more samples. Your lucky star will surely shine one day and someone will certainly give you the break you’re longing for. Remember, being unable to make it at first attempt is not failure. It’s a message for you to work harder and try again. Many great celebrities have been through that experience before reaching the pinnacle of success.


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