Dangers of Texting and Driving

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Texting while driving is rapidly growing to be considered one of the most dangerous driver distractions. As society continues to become dependent and/or reliant on being constantly connected, texting has become a need, habit or perhaps combination of both.

Whatever the root reliance, the problem remains the same. Distracted driving causes many injuries and fatalities a year, and as cellphone use continues to rise, it too has factored into distracted driving statistics. According to the Washington Post, a study released in 2010 by the National Safety Council stated 28 percent of traffic accidents were caused by talking or texting on cellphones while driving.

So how does one stop texting while driving?

San Jose Mercury News took initiative to find out, by asking teens what they thought would help break this behavior. Teens are generally considered to be a demographic that heavily uses text messaging as it is what they’ve grown up with using.

Mercury News did a piece on texting and driving where teens shared their thoughts during a 90-minute session.

No One is Invincible

Alexa Barger, Orinda Academy, said, “I think part of the reason teens do a lot of risky things is that we think, “Well, it’s not going to happen to me.”

As Barger suggests, many people never stop and think about what could potentially happen. Accidents can and do happen, no one is invincible. Eliminating the idea of invincibility is one way to get started on when trying to kick the texting while driving habit.  

Sort Priorities

Many of the teens on the panel shared thoughts such as being good at texting, having the temptation to text and the inability to hold off on knowing who is messaging and what the sender is saying.

Most of these conversations and comments are likely not earth-shattering and can wait. A good way to think about it is to ask yourself if whether or not the comments will matter next year, next month, or even over the next hour.

Evaluating priorities and realizing that what is being texted is likely not urgent nor will it be life altering. Yet, a car accident due to an inability to stop texting while behind the wheel could potentially be very life-threatening.


As with anything, one of the best ways to stop any habit or protect oneself is to become educated about the issue. Every year distracted driving remains a problem and texting is a big contributor to this serious issue. If you want to curb texting while driving, read the statistics, search online “texting car accidents,” many stories will show up.

Experts have pinpointed the time frame between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the deadliest days for teens on the road. Unfortunately, many accidents do involve texting while driving.

A sobering look at reality of what happens in car accidents caused by texting and driving should be enough to kick any texting habit when behind the wheel.

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