The Text Neck Phenomenon


In this modern age of I-pads, mobiles, tablets and the like, people can often be seen hunched over, busily tapping away at keypads or watching something on those small screens. In fact, a chiropractic physician named Dr. Dean Fishman  has made it clear that this behaviour is apparently having a negative effect on our health,because it is a really bad posture to adopt.

Fishman it was, in fact, who created and trademarked the phrase Text Neck, which this Florida-based doctor believes to be showing every sign of becoming a global epidemic, quite literally altering the way our bodies should develop. This is, he points out, most clearly visible on X-ray images, which show that sufferers have the first few bones of the cervical spine perched forward of where they naturally ought to be.

The doctor pointed out that this abnormality is responsible for the neck pains, headaches, arm and shoulder pain and arthritis that are all associated with the condition.  How serious it could be is highlighted by the fact that 1.91 trillion text messages were sent in the U.S.A. ALONE last year, 80% of Americans regularly using text messaging.

Add to this the results of a study reporting that almost eight out of ten 18 to 44-year olds keep their smartphones handy 22 hours a day, and you start to appreciate the potential seriousness of a situation that could see, in due course, a vast increase in cases of weakened ligaments leading to bulging spinal discs, nerve compression and related disorders.

For some, it seems that this kind of technology is almost a part of them, and when it comes to gaming on such devices, 52% of kids under eight spend three-quarters of an hour daily scrunched over their devices – five hours weekly of Text Neck pressures. Fishman added that in reality we need to find a way to correct the problem before it is too late, so he has developed an app – the Text Neck Indicator – . to educate people on holding mobile devices the proper way, the app giving users real time alerts on whether they are holding the phone the right way.

It you are holding your device correctly, then a green light appears in the top corner of your phone, turning to red if you go wrong – this is  currently available on Android devices and in development for all other platforms – Fishman pointed out that a failure to address this problem could potentially bring about an evolutionary change, over time, so be warned. Throughout history, hunchbacks have been reviled, and you do not want that happening to you, now do you?


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