Terrorists kill Tourists in Tunis

3-hour shooting rampage in Tunis

Armed with Kalashnikovs and grenades, 2 Al-Qaeda Tunisian terrorists identified as Yassine Abidi and Hatem Khachaoui in their 20s in military uniform started firing at tourists as they alight from buses parked at Bardo Museum in Tunis Wednesday, March 18, according to cruiselawnews.com

According to Guardian.com, the shooting spree created a siege and hostage situation in Bardo National Museum, a leading tourist attraction in the country’s capital, Tunis, for 3 hours.

Reports said ISIS supporters through social media outlet had the imminent attack announced days before theTunis Museum Shooting.
With government security officers now in place and about three hours after the attack, an interior ministry spokesman said two gunmen had been killed, as well as one security officer, identified as Ayman Morgani, and that all hostages had been freed, theguardian.com said.


According to Tribune.com, the Tunis government announced more than 40 people were wounded, with Health Minister Said Aidi saying they included citizens of France, South Africa, Poland, Italy and Japan.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga confirmed that six Japanese got victims in the onslaught, 3 killed 3 injured, as reported by dailymail.

Chief executive of Costa Group Michael Thamm said 3 passengers of Costa Fascinosa got killed, 8 wounded and 2 are still unaccounted for.

Dr. Samar Samoud of the health ministry said the remaining victims include three Japanese women, three French citizens, a retired Spanish couple, an Australian man, a Colombian woman, a Polish man, a Belgian woman and an Italian citizen.


Dailymail disclosed British mother-of-two Solicitor Sally Jane Adey, 57, was killed while on a dream cruise with her husband. Her death was confirmed by the Foreign Office and her husband is confirmed safe. She was aboard the MSC Splendida which had docked in Tunis and was killed by two gunmen during a sightseeing trip in the city’s museum.

Javier Camelo, 28, was on a Mediterranean cruise with his parents to celebrate his graduation when he was gunned down. Javier who lived in Waterloo in Sydney, and his mother Miriam Martinez Carmelo were among the tourists killed when the terrorists fired at them outside the Museum. His father, retired Colombian Army Gen. Jose Arturo Carmelo survived the attack, as disclosed by Dailymail.

Among the dead were five Japanese, four Italians, two Colombians and one each from Australia, France, Poland and Spain, according to Dailymail with data from the Tunisian Prime Minister.


French tourist Fabienne recounted how she and others hid in one of the museum’s galleries along with their guide.
‘We couldn’t see anything, but there must have been a lot of them. We were afraid that, at any moment, they would come kill us,’ she told France’s BFM television.

Spanish tourists, four-month-pregnant Cristina Rubio and her partner Juan Carlos Sanchez survived by spending all night hiding in the museum
‘We hid in a small room and that’s where we stayed until the police saw us today and then we left.’, according to the Chicago Tribune, Mr Sanchez said.

Dailymail said piano player Antonello Tonna has witnessed two tragedies after being aboard both the Costa Fascinosa, March 18, 2015, and the Costa Concordia in 2012
‘I’m reliving the same powerful emotions that I went through during the sinking of the Concordia.’
He added that he first heard about the attack when he received a text message from his wife


Muslimissue.wordpress: There were 79 British passengers and 10 Irish passengers on the ship, all of whom are now accounted for. Tourist cruise ships were docked on Tunis port that day for sight-seeing.

BBC reports that Tunisian Prime Minister Essid had made a list containing Nineteen people, including 17 foreign tourists, that have been killed in a gun attack on the Bardo museum in the Tunisian capital, Tunis. Security forces retaliated by killing two gunmen and were conducting searches in the surrounding area for accomplices, Mr Essid added.


ISIS has made unverified claim that it is responsible for the attack.
Nine people were in custody and five of whom are ‘directly linked’ with the attack.
At the time of the attack, deputies were discussing anti-terrorism legislation. Parliament was evacuated.
Following the attack, Mr Essid said: “It is a critical moment in our history, and a defining moment for our future.
During the emergency session in the evening, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi said: “We are in a war against terrorism… we will fight them without mercy, ” BBC.com reported.

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