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mobile-605422_640Today’s senior, is more tech savvy than ever before. They are also healthier, more active and involved than previous generations. Just because a person is over 55 doesn’t mean that they are lacking in the ability to enjoy all the advantages that using modern technology has to offer. With the ever increasing longevity of today’s seniors, soon a new definition of who is a senior is going to be necessary. Here are a few tech gadgets that are perfect for today’s active seniors to enjoy.


As more and more seniors stay in the workforce, it is important that they be able to keep up to date on emails from clients and from office staff as well as making real time contacts and calls. As the memory starts to fade, the smartphone can be a great place to store all that contact information for family and friends.

With the variety of apps that can be downloaded, the busy senior can book restaurants and hotels, use the phone to get directions, and save money at the grocery store with coupons. The list option is also a great help when you want to keep your errands organized.


A tablet has many options that the average senior will enjoy using. Whether it is storing or sending pictures of the grandchildren, calling up a favorite recipe or just checking their Facebook or email accounts, yes many seniors do have Facebook accounts; seniors will find a tablet can satisfy many of their technology needs and wants.

The fact that it is light and very portable makes it easy to handle and store in the large granny purses that many senior women carry. Senior men will enjoy checking their stock reports and playing games on their tablets as well. In spite of rumors to the contrary, seniors will enjoy “Angry Birds”, “Candy Crush Saga” and “Fruit Pop” as much as everyone else does.


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Buy on Amazon


The Kindle began as a device to read book and magazines and has morphed into a tablet as well. Not only are all the best in printed materials available at your fingertips, with one of the more advanced models, the Internet, movies and other attractions are easy to access.


With the greater activity of today’s senior, having an iPod or a Nano is a must. It’s a great place to store all your favorite tunes whether they are from the 50’s or 60″s or the latest hits. It is the perfect exercise companion for active seniors.

Nintendo Wii

Chances are if the senior in question doesn’t already own a Wii, they know someone who has one. When the weather is not conducive to going outdoors or attending exercise class, the Wii allows seniors and younger people as well, to do their favorite sports at home in the comfort of their room.

Whether it is golf, bowling, yoga or just about any other sport that is of interest, Wii has a game DVD to bring it into the home. Endless hours of entertainment are available.


As people age, their sense of direction may fail them. Who will ever forget Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond when he gets confused in a very familiar place? Those fears can be allayed to some extent with a GPS. There are many varieties and they all basically work on the same principal, you tell the device where you are and where you want to go and it gives you the directions. It can also tell you where restaurants, gas stations and even the local police are located.

Cell phones

For the senior who doesn’t really care for technology, the basic gadget is the cell phone. Being able to contact family and friends especially in times of trouble is very important and even if the senior is reluctant, they will soon realize just how handy this small little device can be. Upgrading to a smart phone is even better.

You can text your grandkids or challenge them to a game of Trivia Crack, it is a whole new way to interact even with the teens. I have games for toddlers on mine as well, the toddlers love the smart phone.

The world has become a place filled with technological gadgets. Many seniors choose to keep abreast of the latest developments. There are many years between 55 and old age, these gadgets will help seniors enjoy them more. They help to keep them in contact with the younger members of their family. If you want to know what grandchildren are doing, you need to check their Facebook accounts.

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