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Are you someone’s tech support but you don’t always want to go to their house to help? Whether it is because of how far they live, because you don’t want to get dressed, or you don’t have a lot of time, there is a way around this. It is a program called “Team Viewer” that you can use to get access to the other computer from your home.   It is a free program for personal use.

My dad is not good with computers; in fact, I would love to toss his out the window. But, it is a fact of life these days if you are on any kind of committees, then a computer is a requirement.   Every week or two, I get a call asking for help as something is not working. Usually it is a quick fix that I can just remote in to do but I did not have the ability until about a month ago.

We were having family dinner and a cousin asked what program I was using. I said none as I couldn’t find anything that would work.   He suggested “Team Viewer”. Install it in both machines and they are each given an address.   The person who is logging in needs the IP address of the computer as well as the password. The password seems to change every session so you will need the other person involved.

To start, both computers power up “Team Viewer”. The person taking control types in the IP of the other computer as well as the password. Wait a few minutes while the two connect. You can now see an exact replica of the other person’s monitor without having to physically there. I was able to type emails, sort his email basket, erase items from his printer and clean up files on his computer. He could then proofread any emails I typed up instead of printing them to proof as they are right in front of his face.

While “Team Viewer” definitely is helpful, there are a few things you cannot do for it. There is limited functionality in regards to the printer. You can print documents to it but if you are having printer issues, there is a good chance you will have to go to the house to deal with them. This was my problem the other day and I had to go over to his house where I discovered that cords were unplugged which was causing the problems.




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