Taking The Budgeting Challenge!

I don’t know how many of you know how much @DLWright inspires me to do a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t really try. But, she really does motivate me to do several things in this writing world. And in my personal life as well. The best thing she has been helping me with so far is number crunching to see how much I need to accomplish so that I can make a set dollar goal per month.

To say the least, the math will never end as I will more than likely be consistently changing my goals on a daily basis. Besides, the higher the better sometimes but I will never settle for less than what my set dollar goal for each month will be.

About a month or so ago, DLWright wrote an article about how she plans on making so much to help pay her bills. I was inspired to even make my own!

What Is My Intended Goal?

It seems that before I can even just make a random amount on a daily basis, I should attempt to set a goal for myself. Not all the time do I actually follow what is wrote down for me either. For instance, I can have three times wrote down on a piece of paper with things that I know that I need to do. Yet, somehow, I don’t follow that list. Which, I am sure means that I shouldn’t set a goal for myself in that terms.

I do, however, wish to make a set amount on a monthly basis. That lucky number is $1,200. That will meant that I am going to need to make at least $40 a day.

What Can I Do To Help Make My Goal?

I fully intend on keeping up with article writing. I presently have four places in which I can go to that will help me out in my adventures.

The first place being right here on WritEdge. If I can write, and share, at least 3-5 posts of mine a day then I am sure that I will see an increase on all my articles. I also intend to make all of these articles quite lengthy as well so that may help draw people in as well.

The second place is the sister site of WritEdge, Daily Two Cents. I have had several ideas that still seem to bounce around in my head from time to time. I think it will be time to unleash them soon! Once again, my intention will be to post and share at least 3-5 posts of mine a day.

Of course, I will share other’s posts as well when I have the time to do so! (I know that I am severely behind on doing that already!)

The third place, which is actually the first place I actually check on a daily basis, is a site called HireWriters. I was referred to it by none other than DLWright. I have been able to make a pretty decent paycheck from there. This site allows you to choose your own payout amount. Only thing is that you need a minimum of $10.00 and have a maximum of $20.00. They always will pay your full balance out to your paypal on a Friday.

The final place that I am able to fully rely on money right now is from CrowdSource Content. Basically, I choose a set of tasks to complete. I get paid per task that I complete, which is nice. What’s even sweeter is that they can pay daily! Well, whatever you make the day before is often paid out the following day. Which could mean great things! Only downside is that in order to get into this type of task, you need to be invited. I can’t even remember how they got my email, but oh well!

What else? Oh, right! I guess there is one more place. Elance! I have only signed up to this particular site, but I can tell that it is going to help me out greatly. Just need to find a job that I can actually do.

What Do I Plan On Doing With The Money?

Aside from earning all the money to help supplement my day job’s paycheck, which is often gone due to bill payments, I also want to save up a lot of the money for various trips that I want to take. They range too. From Mexico to Indianapolis to California. Places I would love to go!


So, now that I have figured out my goals and how much I want to make in a month, the only factor that it leaves me with is how many articles to how many tasks do I need to do to get this daily goal? I was thinking that I could cycle through each of these five places at least once a week, but I sort of need those quick payers sooner rather than later. So, I may attempt all five on a daily basis! I hope to start this challenge tomorrow, August 1st!

Anyone else up to making their own budgeting challenge?

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