Taking Care of Your Subaru Transmission

This Subaru maintenance tip for transmissions is applicable to all brands. But if you’ve got a Subaru out there, this will certainly do well to extend the life of your car.


The transmission is an important component of your car but it is often one of the least you may be concerned about.  Unlike some car parts, it is not too demanding about maintenance but it plays an important role in your vehicle’s useful life.


The transmission works to get power from the vehicle’s engine and shifts it to the wheels. The gears inside the transmission multiply the force exerted by the engine to make the vehicle start to move. When the vehicle is already in motion, the transmission reduces the engine speed needed to drive the vehicle at a fast pace, thereby reducing noise and minimizing fuel consumption.


Vehicle transmissions come in two types – the manual and automatic. An automatic transmission, also known as self-shifting transmission, is comprised of planetary gear sets. It also contains a hydraulically operated clutch that eliminates the need for the driver to shift from one speed to another manually. On the other hand, a manual transmission or manual gear box, is a driver-operated transmission. It uses a clutch that is requires a foot-pedal and a hand-operated shifting lever to shift from one gear to another.


Maintaining a car transmission is quite simple. The only things you need to check on a regular basis are hydraulic fluid or transmission fluid and the filter that keeps the fluid clean.


Automatic Transmission Maintenance


Newer auto transmissions are sealed and designed to prevent leaks. Most modern brands don’t require any servicing until the car reaches 100,000 miles. This is not so with older transmission because they need filter and transmission fluid replacement more frequently. When doing fluid or filter maintenance, you must see to it that your transmission is sealed up properly to avoid damage to the unit. The cost of repairing a damaged transmission can get very high. So to be sure of a quality outcome, you should entrust your transmission service only to qualified mechanics.


Manual transmission Maintenance


Maintaining a manual transmission is a no brainer. It is made to work by a hydraulic cylinder that needs to be kept full of fluid. It is fitted with a reservoir that’s easy to check. You only need top it off when the fluid level gets below the minimum. A lot of drivers use brake fluid for this purpose.


The gear box on the other hand, contains lubricating oil to minimize heat and noise. You should have it drained and replaced according to the recommended Subaru maintenance schedule as the case may be.


The condition and longevity of the clutch may depend on the driver’s driving habits. If the driver drives the vehicle without riding the clutch pedal as the car runs, the clutch may last for 100,000 miles or more.  Riding the clutch pedal while the car is speeding can cause the clutch to overheat and wear out prematurely. Replacing worn-out clutch is a difficult job.  You should have it done by a competent service technician.


photo credit for featured image: Robert Bradley (flickr.com)

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