Synthesis: A Short Children’s Play

English: pictures of 2 sign language interpret...

English: pictures of 2 sign language interpreters working together as a team for a student association meeting. I’ve had their agreement to post it on Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A play written to be performed by the children of the Sign Club Company in the Nashville, TN area for the local Deaf community.

Synthesis: the combination of two or more entities that together form something new.


  • Data (main character)

  • Giga and Terra (Deaf twins)…Eyssa and Bella

  • Bit (elder robot student)

  • Port (friend of Data; student)

  • Ram (friend of Data: student)

  • Stage-bot 1

  • Stage-bot 2

  • Stage-bot 3

  • Stage-bot 4


  • Decorated boxes to act as robot hats, chest plates, etc.

  • Facepaint to paint cogs and circuits on faces

  • Desks or tables and corresponding chairs to set the stage for a classrooms

  • Folder with papers inside

  • Sign with a traffic light painted on with the red light illuminated to show scene changes

Scene 1

  • Lights flick on and off to capture the audience’s attention. Interpreter or Stage-bot give the definition of ‘synthesis’.

  • Enter four Stage-bots who make a little robot motion as they enter; the four set up tables and chairs which will be the setting for a classroom at center stage.

  • Stage-bots scatter about the “class” to act as stand in’s and extras; they chit chat, read or pretend to be doing classwork.

  • Enter Data, Giga and Terra and Port and Ram; all do a silly robot move as they enter.

  • Giga and Terra stand off to the side, having a conversation in sign.

  • Data watches the two with interest from where he sits at a desk.

Data: wondering out loud and to the audience. “What is that? A secret code? A new language between friends? What are they doing there?” (flags down Port and Ram who are standing nearby talking.) “Who are those two over there? The ones moving their hands?”

Port: “Oh, those (says with emphasis) are Giga and Terra. But it’s no good. They aren’t like us.”

Data: a little surprised and affronted by the comment. “Why not?”

Ram: Well, they’re D.E.A.F. Models. They have no auditory programming. They’re practically broken, really.

Data: aside, to audience. “Well that can’t be right. They do the same things we do, I’ve seen it. They do the same school work that the rest of us do. They have friends like everyone else does.” (looks at the twins with confusion.) “I had better ask someone who knows a little more about it.” (turns back to Port and Ram, confusion clear on his face.) “I don’t understand that at all.”


Scene Two

  • Scene change shown by a Stage-bot holding up a picture of a traffic light lit up red while the others file out leaving only Data and the elder bot, Bit.

  • Scene commences when the sign is lowered.

  • Bit stands at a desk, shuffling through a folder of papers as if looking for an assignment.

Data: “Bit, may I ask you a question?”

Bit: “Oh hello. Certainly, ask away.”

Data: “It’s just that you’re older and know more about things…(uncertainly) Can you tell me more about the D.E.A.F. Models? About Giga and Terra? Why do they do that thing with their hands? Why doesn’t anyone seems to want to talk to them?”

Bit: sighs sadly. “Well you see, many people are afraid of what they don’t know. They see someone that isn’t like them and shy away. It doesn’t make them bad people, but it can be very lonely for those who have to suffer through it. Giga and Terra are very friendly girls. As I’m sure you’ve heard, they were made without an auditory circuit like us so they use their hands, Sign Language, to speak to others. I confess that I have learned quite a bit from them in order to make them more comfortable here at our school. But they are the same as you or me. There’s nothing wrong with them, they are just different.”

Data: “I would be very sad if no on ever spoke to me…” (sadly.)

Bit: smiles. “Well perhaps you should be the one to break the silence.”

Data: “Yeah…yeah, I will! Will you show me how?”

Bit: “I’d be happy to.”


Scene Three

  • Stage-bot holds up traffic sign to show scene change.

  • Students file back in to mill about the classroom.

  • The twins stand off to the side, signing again.

Data: approaches the twins shyly and the entire class turns to watch, Port and Ram whispering to one another about the scene.

Giga and Terra: both stop signing to address the new arrival.

Data: tentatively, speaks and signs simultaneously. “My name is Data. Want to be friends?” ‘MY-NAME-D-A-T-A. WANT-US-FRIENDS?’

Giga and Terra: both grin and sign ‘YES’ in excitement.

Data: turns to face the rest of the class and smiles. “Not broken, just different.”

  • End scene.



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