Swaragini 29th September 2015- Written Update- Laksh Gets Kidnapped

Swaragini 29th September 2015- Written Update & Highlights


Sharmishtha Arrives At Maheshwari House For Swara’s Marriage

Sujata tells Swara that its good to know that Sharmistha is not feeling well. Samskaar says “Mom”, to which Sujata says that she did not mean it in a wrong way. Sujata says that she is happy that now they both do not have to marry.

After Swara leaves from the room, Sujata asks Sanskaar if he really loves Swara, to which he says a yes. Sujata says that though Swara is a good and intelligent girl, since she is Bengali so she does not want Sanskaar to marry her. Sanskaar said that Swara had already rejected his proposal.

When the three reach the hall, they are shocked to see Sharmishtha in the Maheshwari house. Laksh has brought her to his house. Ragini tells Swara that she had solved her one problem and now she can concentrate on her marriage with Sanskaar and enjoy the ceremonies. 

Swara and Sanskaar take Sharmishtha to their room, where she tells the both of them that Laksh had forced her to come and attend the wedding. Since she did not want Laksh to doubt their fake marriage, she agreed.


Laksh Leaves For His Meeting

Laksh tells goodbye to Ragini and tells Swara that when he comes back, he hopes that this issue is sorted out completely. 

Later Laksh is seen remembering the time he spent with Swara. At that time many people dressed in police uniform, stop Laksh’s car and sit in his car. They then order him to drive to some place.


Sanskaar Kidnaps Laksh

Swara is shocked to hear that Sanskaar has kidnapped Laksh. He promises her that no one would harm Laksh. Now this is the only opportunity they have to stop the marriage.

Ragini comes to the room, where Sanskaar tells her that if she wants no harm to be done to Laksh then she has to accept her truth in front of the entire family. Ragini says she does not believe them and she says that she knows they are good by nature, hence they wont harm Laksh.


Sharmishtha Refuses To Help Ragini and Ragini Refuses To Accept Her Truth

Sharmishtha says that because of Ragini, her other daughter has been facing many problems. Hence she would not help Ragini in this situation.

Sanskaar shows Ragini a video, where Laksh is tied up. Ragini says that she will not reveal her truth. They all are shocked to hear this. Ragini says she knows that since its Laksh, she knows that they love Laksh too and would never harm him. 

On the other hand, Laksh tries to escape but is caught again and beaten by the goons.

Ragini tells Sanskaar to send Laksh home and marry Swara or reveal the truth of their fake marriage to the entire family. However, Laksh’s mother gets a phone call that Laksh’s meeting is postponed and his car is also gone for servicing. Since there is no network, he cannot call.


Swaragini 29th September 2015- Precap

Ragini kidnaps Sharmishtha. Swara says that she will walk on the path of truth, to reveal Ragini’s truth now.

The goons get Laksh at the same place where Ragini had pushed Swara. Laksh is blindfolded and when the goons release him, he is surprised to see Swara.


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