Swaragini 25th September 2015- Written Update- Swara-Sanskaar Changed Equation

Swara proves Sanskaar innocent, however something has changed between the two. Also Adarsh’s truth is out. On the other hand, we see Laksh’s mother saying that Sanskaar and Swara would get married, after Laksh once again claims that they are faking their marriage.

Lets find out what happened in today’s episode of Swaragini 25th September 2015.


Swaragini 25th September 2015- Highlights & Written Update


Adarsh’s Truth Is Out

Durga Prasad asks Adarsh, if he knows the woman. He says that she is his ex-girlfriend. The entire family is shocked. The woman asks Adarsh to give her money or else she would expose him with media. Durga Prasad says that she cannot threaten Adarsh and he will look after the matter. Swara also stands by Adarsh’s side and showing her the chain and tells the woman that she also has proof against her and their family can get her arrested. She then hands over the chain to that woman and asks her to leave.


Dadi Assures Durga Prasad About Adarsh’s Truth

Durga Prasad tells Ragini’s Dadi that he is sorry, since she had to witness all this. Dadi tells Durga Prasad not to worry, since whatever had happened at their house, would remain within the four walls of their house. Durga Prasad tells that she can be assured now that Sanskaar is innocent and not involved in Ragini’s case. She says a yes and asks permission to leave for her home.


Durga Prasad Thanks Swara
Durga Prasad says that he is broken seeing his family members truth. The family values of which he was proud of, are now the reason of him feeling ashamed. On one hand two brothers are standing against each other and on the other hand the eldest son of the house, has broken his trust, by cheating on his wife. He then thanks Swara for revealing the truth and blesses her. He says that he is proud to see her take the responsibility of the house and caring for the well being of the family members. Sanskaar is happy to see Durga Prasad’s changed attitude towards Swara.


Swara Says She Lost Her Good Friend Because Of Sanskaar
Swara has been ignoring Sanskaar since he proposed her, in a drunken state. Finally Sanskaar manages to have Swara speak to him. He says that he is happy seeing what Swara did. Swara saya that this is her problem. She does not want him to be affected. She says that he has broken her trust by proposing her.
Sanskaar asks her how is he wrong in falling in love with her. Swara says that because of him, she lost her good friend, as he was the one who brought the topic of love in their relationship. Sanskaar says that he would not ask for her forgiveness by saying sorry, since he is happy to experience this feeling of love for her. Swara walks out of the room, in a state of anger.


Ragini Tells Swara To Accept Sanskaar
Swara meets Ragini outside the room. She tells Swara that after all that has happened, she would not find a decent person. It would be better that if she accepts Sanskaar as he loves her. Sanskaar stops Ragini from speaking further about their relationship.
Ragini tells that if Swara comes in between her and Laksh, then she would never allow their parents to reunite. Swara then twists Ragini’s hand and says that its better she kept the fight between the two of them only.


Swaragini 25th September 2015- Precap-

New Twist- Sanskaar To Marry Swara-

Laksh tells his mother that even Sanskaar and Swara have married recently, so even they should take part in the ceremony. Sanskaar says that he has a meeting, so he cannot attend the ceremony. Laksh says its just an excuse to not attend that function, since the two are faking their marriage.
Laksh’s mother says that before the function, Sanskaar and Swara’s marriage will take place. Both are shocked to hear this.


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