Swaragini 22nd September 2015- Highlights & Written Update- Swara To Prove Sanskaar’s Innocence

In the Sunday Television Dhamaka episode we saw that Ragini had put the blame on Sanskaar. While Swara was the only one who supported Sanskaar, she also asked the Maheshwari family to give her some time.

Will Swara be able to prove Sanskaar innocent? Find out in today’s episode of Swaragini 22nd September 2015.


Swaragini 22nd September 2015- Highlights & Written Update

Sujata Asks Swara For Forgiveness

While Dadi requests Annapurna to allow her to stay with Ragini for that night, Shekhar and Sharmishtha leave. Outside the house, Swara tells Sharmishtha that she knows Sanskaar is innocent and trusts the fact that he will never do this wrong act.

Swara continues saying that Sanskaar was wrong in the past, but toay he is a changed man and hence she will support him. Sanskaar and Sujata, who are listening to this conversation come forward. Sanskaar asks for forgiveness from Sharmishtha for filling the kumkum in Swara’s maang and says that at that point of time, he did the same as he had no other option to prove that they had not lied about the fake marriage.

Sujata asks for forgiveness and says that she hopes that every child receives the same good manners that Sharmishtha had inculcated in Swara. Later she jokes saying that though she accepts Swara, she will not eat fish cooked by her.


Misunderstanding Or Acting? Swara Reveals Ragini’s Truth

Sanskaar says that he is glad Swara supports him and now they will try to clear Ragini’s misunderstanding. To this Swara says that it is not a misunderstanding but Ragini is just faking this molestation. Sharmishtha is shocked to hear this and asks Swara, why would a girl fake for this reason, to which Sujata clears Sharmishtha’s doubts. She tells that Ragini had warned her that if Sanskaar tried to do anything against her then she would try to put Sanskaar in a compromising situation.


Dadi Slaps Ragini

Ragini tells Dadi that she had faked this incident as Swara had threatened her that she would separate her from Lakshya. Dadi slaps her and tells her that the only reason she supports her is because she knows her granddaughter can never do something wrong. Later Dadi forgives her and takes a promise that she would never do a wrong deed again.


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Swara Confronts Ragini- Half Truth Exposed

Swara asks the entire family to be present in the kitchen. Though Dadi is reluctant in allowing Ragini to answer Swara’s questions, Sujata stops her and says both the parties would have an equal say. 

First Swara proves that there are no show marks in the kitchen or outside the kithcen’s window. Next if Ragini had come to drink water, how can Sanskaar be sure of the timing that Ragini would be coming in the kitchen.

Next she tells Durga Prasad to time her distance from the kitchen to Laksh’a room and Sanskaar’s room. Its 40 seconds and 50 seconds, hence its impossible that while Laksh was coming downstairs he did not come face to face with Sanskaar who was supposedly running upstairs. 


Swaragini 22nd September 2015- Precap

Swara asks everyone to go back to their rooms except Sanskaar, Laksh and Durga Prasad. She switches off the lights and sends Sanskaar instead of Laksh to bring Ragini down. 

Rgini arrives holding Sanskaar’s hand. Swara questions her that if she did not realise in the darkness that the man was not Laksh but Sanskaar, how can she be so sure that the molester, who took advantage of her in the darkness was Sanskaar itself.


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