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Superstitious Belief

 Are you superstitious?

Do you believe in superstitious claims like it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder, breaking a mirror brings seven years bad luck and opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck?

If so, you could potentially be placing yourself in a dangerous predicament.

Do you also believe that clairvoyants and psychics are real? Do you believe that they can predict your future and perhaps even contact the deceased?

If so, once again, you could potentially be placing yourself in a dangerous predicament and here’s why:

Values and beliefs are everything and many psychology-related topics (such as NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming) will teach you this.

By believing a certain superstition to be true you are, in fact, subconsciously making it more likely to become true in your own life, as it applies to you, because once you accept that belief, your mind will start looking for patterns that support it – this is human nature and is nothing more than basic human psychology.

Of course, once you begin to notice things that appear to support that superstition it strengthens your belief in it and that is not a good thing – especially if you smash a mirror! By believing in such a superstition you could be more likely to subconsciously bring yourself seven years of bad luck!

Whilst I also personally believe that psychic ability (i.e. telepathy, ESP) is indeed very possible, I also know that the majority of psychics out there are charlatans and they can also be very dangerous and they can also cause profound and unwanted changes to people’s lives. They also have a tendency to prey on the vulnerable.

Many psychics use a technique called cold reading which is basically information containing certain universal things like insecurities that actually apply to most people without them consciously realizing it. Or they may use hot reading which is basically feeding back information that they have already gleaned from you in some way without you knowing it.

Just as with superstitions, believing what a psychic tells you will make it more likely to happen in your life and you may find yourself ignoring all the points they had wrong and being amazed by the very few things they did get right – even though it was probably just coincidence or a lucky guess.

The more suggestible you are, the more likely you are to believe the claims of a psychic and suggestible people are also more likely to believe in ghosts and the paranormal and it can be incredibly easy to get their own minds to play tricks on them.

Psychics can also destroy relationships – for example, one of my ex-partner’s ended up leaving me because a psychic had claimed to have contacted her dead grandmother who supposedly claimed that I was not the right man for her.

Of course, I knew differently but our relationship had to come to a bitter end because of the claims of a psychic/charlatan.


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