Summer Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is the time of year when the sun kissed glow and dewy look is favored. Nothing ruins the effect quicker than to see make up running off someone’s face when the heat is up or they take a dip in the pool. Summer makeup requires a little time and effort but the results are worth it.

In the summer less is more, go as lightly as your situation allows. If you can get away with just using tinted moisturizer then you should. If you need more coverage make sure the foundation or powder that you choose is waterproof. Whichever you choose make sure that it has a built in SPF of at least 15 and 30 is preferable.

A sun-kissed look can be achieved several different ways. One of them is to use an all over tanning product. Try this on a hidden spot on your body before you apply anything to your face to make sure you are getting a color that you want the whole world to see. Some of the newer products are sugar based and will fade within a couple of days so you will not be stuck all summer with something you do not like. It is best if you look for a product that is face specific as opposed to all over body. They now have towelettes that are just perfect for your face.

Many products now use natural minerals which are light and ideal for summer wear. They come in the form of foundation, mineral veil, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows. In the summer, you want your foundation darker and you shadows lighter. If you have a very tan color of foundation, you can go with a brighter color of blush. You want to give the appearance of coolness even if the temperatures are soaring. Using a bronzer all over your face can achieve that sun kissed look.

Summer is a great time for sea colors, aqua, sea green or turquoise and for evening wear; metallics are still very fashionable.

When the sun is beating down on them, you want your lips to be moist and protected. Choose a lip-gloss that has SPF as well and avoid using lip liner in the summer, which can be a sharp contrast. In the evening bright colors show well in dim lighting but in the daytime nothing shows of the glow of golden skin like natural colors of peach and coral.

Even your perfume should reflect the change of seasons; summer fragrances should be light and not cloying.

Now that you have gotten your makeup bag out, it’s time to check the dates and discarded all the old winter make up that you won’t be needing for months. It is time to fill your bag with all the light things that make your summer skin glow with health and if everyone thinks you were just born beautiful you don’t have to tell them otherwise.

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