Suggestions for Working Moms With Child Bond Confusion

Child bond confusion is a common issue with children. Nothing is more likely to rip a working mother’s heart out than to arrive at the daycare provider’s home to pick up her child and have the child cry or cling to the daycare provider. A wise mother will realize that some of this is to be expected since the child has just spent the entire day with the daycare provider and the fact that they love and feel comfortable with this person is a good thing. It does not however, help to take away the guilt that this engenders that perhaps we are not the best mother in the world.

/ PixabayAs a mother who used child care, relax, it is a good thing that your child loves their daycare provider. It in no way diminishes your role in their life and within a few months this too will pass. if your child cries and screams when you try to drop them off at the daycare provider, which is also going to happen, this is just as disturbing.

Especially with babies and small children, if they can’t be with the one they love, they love the one they are with. This is just the nature of things. Try to imagine that you are your child; they are now spending the majority of their waking time with the daycare provider who is meeting all their needs. No one more selfish than an infant or small child; it really is all about them.

The daycare provider feeds them, changes their diaper and interacts with them. They are going to respond in a positive way to this. Their memories are very short at this time and by the time you return from work to pick them up they have forgotten that you are their mother and you are going to do exactly the same as the daycare provider and take care of all their needs.

The best way to deal with this child bond confusion is to love your child when they are with you. Make sure that you are not too tired after work to interact and develop bonds with your child. The best advice that anyone can give you is that this too shall pass. Your child has shown that they know how to bond with another person, that in and of itself is a very good thing. Your child will go through many phases in their life and even in their early development; this is just one of them.

Be patient, it won’t last for long and as long as you are a loving parent the day will come all too soon when your child will be running to greet you when you arrive and screaming and crying when you try to drop them off. Enjoy this phase while you have it, your child is happy and well cared for.

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