Success is not to Wait for, it is to Grab

We hear a lot about success and all those great people who have done something remarkable in this World. What makes them different from us? Well the biggest difference is, we die and people forget us. But those great people are always remembered even after their death.

Lets discuss why not everyone is successful? Why it takes so much hard work in order to achieve your goals?

Fasten your seat belts and I will describe everything.


Success Never Comes on Its Own

One thing is sure, success has nothing to do with your luck. Great people were never lucky, they went through massive hurdles, huge barriers and ruthless hardships. After all that, nature rewarded them with Success.

Success never comes on its own. You have to work really hard for it. Just keep one thing in mind, NEVER GIVE UP. People will try to discourage you million times, but you just have to keep moving.

“I hated every second of my training but I said “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champ”

-Muhammad Ali-

Why Not Everyone is Successful?

You see, that’s where I am taking you. To be successful, you have to prove that you really deserve it. How you do that? By trying really really really hard.

Not every human being is committed strongly to his goal. Also not everyone is brave and courageous enough to face difficulties, that’s why not everyone is successful in this World.


Why the Path of Success is always Difficult?

Answer of this question has been pretty much given in the previous paragraph. Difficulties and barriers play a role of filter. They separate determined people from the rest. Difficulties examine us. They challenge our will and determination.

People who are not determined enough give up very soon. Only those who deserve to be successful remain there and succeed.


What Success Demands from You?

We all crave success, right? But there are some demands and pre-conditions for it that you must fulfill. Here they are:

1) Get out of your Comfort Zone Leave your Comfort Zone

Life is very short. Do you really want to waste it just by sitting on your couch? Don’t you want to face something new, more challenging and more rewarding? Achieve your dreams? For this, You must have to get out of your comfort zone and start working on your goal.


2) Be Sincere to your Work

You are a part of nature and it knows everything about you. Not being sincere with your work indicates that you don’t really want success. You take work just as a burden and try to get it over your head as soon as possible.

You must change that attitude and devote yourself to work. As you know, action and reaction are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. All your devotion and sincerity to the work will must payoff in end.

Thomas Edison got failed hundreds of time. But he stayed sincere and committed to his work. Finally after trying 999 times, he invented the first Electric Bulb.


3) Never Hate your FailuresFailure

Failures are not your enemies. They are not hurdle or kind of a barrier in your way. They tell you about your lackings and weak points. You should love them because they make you work harder and harder. The more they push you, the harder you bounce back.

I hope you are familiar with Stephen King especially if you are a Horror movies fan. He was rejected and failed 30 times. It only made him stronger and try harder. Now he is being called Stephen KING, a world renowned writer and novelist.


4) Don’t Stay in Your Past

I won’t say you should completely forget your past. Of course you should learn as much as possible from it. It is always a great Teacher. You can not change the past. All you can do about is these 2 things.

           A) Keep regretting about it.

           B) Learn from it and improve your future.

The choice is yours.

 Believe in Yourself

5) Believe in Yourself

Nobody knows you better than yourself. So never give an ear to the people who say you can’t do it.Who are they anyway to judge? Are they Einstein? Nelson Mandela? Muhammad Ali? Or AbrahamLincoln? Of course not, they are just some ordinary people who are suffering from short sightedness.

Do you know Soichiro Honda? He applied for a job in Toyota and got rejected. It did not discourage him, it just made him work harder. He made his own company to compete with Toyotta called Honda. Which is now a multinational company.


6) Always think Positive

If you are not positive about result, it will never come positive. It all depends upon your mentality. You see things the way your brain shape them. Ever heard of Optical Illusion? That’s what it is.


7) Take Action

There are two types of Dreamers. One who just keep dreaming. While others who watch dreams, wake up and start working on it. If you won’t take an action, you will never be able to judge yourself. Don’t be afraid of getting failed, because failure is just a first step towards success.

-No dream is big and no dreamer is small-


8) Never Give Up

After mentioning all those fundamental requirements, I would say never get disappointed and give up. The word despair and impossible should not be in your dictionary. They are for people who are mentally too small, don’t be like them. You are a free man and you can achieve your dreams. I guarantee you that.

-If you can dream it, you can do it.-

So never care about the odds, possibilities and chances of failure. They should never be able to stop you from getting started.


Without examples, it is just like talking in the air. Here is the list of some successful people who worked really hard to achieve their goals:

Muhammad Ali

He is former Black American Boxer, faced many racial issues and was criticized for his boxing style. He was stripped off of his Championship title and got banned from the Boxing too.

But all that was still not enough to break him. He came back after 3 years and proved himself to the whole world. He became most famous athlete and first person to become 3 times the heavy weight champion. Today, he is known of being The Greatest.

-A man who is not courageous enough to take challenges, will accomplish nothing in his life.-

J.K Rowling

Before getting as famous as she is today, she was just a normal person with tons of problems. She was divorced and was living hand to mouth with one child to feed. All these problems only made her stronger and later with her hardwork, she became one of the wealthiest women in the World. I hope you have read or watched the Harry Potter series, it is one of her creations.

-Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve-

Michael Jordan

He is one of the few legendary basketball players, but you know what? He was dropped off from his Highschool Basketball team but he didn’t quit. He kept trying and now we all know him as one of the greatest player ever.

-Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen-

Bill Gates

His idea of having a graphical interface on computer screens was rejected. He kept working on that idea and now he comes in wealthiest personalities of the World. He is the founder of giant Microsoft Company.

-Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose-

Nelson Mandela

He faced so many hardships that you can’t even imagine. He was sentenced to jail and spent 30 years of his precious life there. In this time period, his mother passed away and his son died in a road accident. He was unable to attend their funeral. He could not see his child growing up, thirty years is really a long time period.

After all these things when he got released, he did not seek revenge. Instead, he forgave all of his enemies and saved millions of lives. Now he is known as a hero not only for black but also for the white people.

It always seems impossible till it’s done.


I discussed only few successful people here. But trust me, every successful person had to go through difficulties, hurdles and barriers in his life. All they did was not give up and kept trying.

Last Words

Difficulties and hardships are not a barrier in your way. They help you become stronger and more determined. There is no skill required to be a successful person. In all cases, people that are more determined come out successful as compare to the people who have skills. You don’t need any special skill, you just need strong WILL.


When there is a Will, there is a Way.


The word Impossible says itself, I M Possible .


Image Credits goes to Thomas , EmilySnuffer , Tinou , KarriernOdalo 

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