Storms Don’t Last Always There Will be Breakthroughs

Remember there’s always hope and when there’s storms rolling in

Know the “breakthroughs” are on the way.

Some give up right before the breakthroughs arrive

No time to feel despaired because there’s joy

Smile through the storms and know eventually the storms will pass over By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

There will be a lot of adversity in life and we should know adversity is what makes mankind stronger. There’s greatness within each of God’s children. Even when it appears as if troubles are lingering about. The troubles move in the right time. In it all there will be some rising going on. Some may not like who’s rising but that’s alright. We’re made to” conquer and overcome” and overcoming is an ability which no one can take away.

Of course we’ll have to deal with some people who work hard to give others a difficult time. Although we may want to just scream and tell the individuals where to go. Biting the tongue will generate better results. We’ll never be loved by all and we’ll never be hated by all. The most precious love of all is the love of God in Heaven and Jesus Christ. That’s what we should think of when we’re going through and not just though hard times but through gladness. Praise when it’s all good.

Remain hopeful through the stormy seasons. Let the mind stay in tact. “Develop through all of the adversity.” Find the things which add value and not worry over the things which we’ll never have control over. There’s a lot of people who are having difficult times trying to grasps why they’re going through so many storms. It can be difficult to understand why but no on can go through life without going through some adversity.

There will be a time of sadness and a time to be glad. If we’re pondering on the good then we’ll quickly overcome the obstacles in life. The ones who should be apart of our lives will and the ones who shouldn’t. Will be removed on their own or will have to be removed from the circle. Some will help create the storms in our lives and sometimes we’ll create our own storms. Even if we’ve create the storms. The storms will surely pass over. We’re forgiven and we move on.

Elevation occurs when we remove the things which hold us back. Never settle for being mediocre. Be awesome. If we’re doing something big then there will be hecklers and some hecklers are like tornadoes. Always searching for ways to get someone down. If we’re focused on the things which matter then we’ll grow more. The negativity will come but even through negativity times there’s some positivity.

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