Step-by-step Catering Plans for your scintillating birthday ahead

When it’s a birthday, fun and amusement is what pops into our mind at first. But, in the midst of all this, you cannot let your catering go away from the spotlight. Food is the lifeline for any party. The first thing that your guests would tumble upon after entering your party would definitely be the food. From cake to appetizers and the main course, you have a whole list of items to settle upon.If you want your party to be successful, your menu should be something that delights your guests and keeps your reputation over the top. A birthday party is nowhere successful when you don’t have an exciting menu to back it. Some of the major caterers in Gurgaon or other cities have talented planners who can bring all the trending and fresh ideas on the table for your birthday. But, zeroing down on the menu is not an easy task. You have to worry over the type of food and the age-group of your guests. If your party is going to be a mishmash of various age-groups, then keeping a little of every type would be a wise course of action. Here is a whole checklist of items that might help you out in your birthday catering preparation.

  • Try to opt a fusion style: It’s not necessary to go all ethnic on your food. Just put into some international cuisines as well. It would be variety for your guests and they can try out something new rather than the old snacks that all the birthdays offer. Find out what your catering service is providing and if they are bringing something new or not. If possible take a food test, before choosing that one. You will be confident enough in serving that one to your guests.
  • Seek a Themed Menu:When it’s a themed party for your baby or your grandfather, why not add that element into your menu as well. Ask your catering service if they can come up with some accompanying idea. Say, if your baby girl is having a Barbie themed party, then adding some strawberry frosted donuts, cupcakes, or brownies to your menu would be a great idea.
  • An enticing cake: A birthday is unthinkable without a cake. It’s like a showstopper for your party. If you already have a theme, then it would be best to go with that. Try to make your cake of a size that will suffice the guest count.
  • Give a neutral setting within your menu: You need to give equal consideration to the older as well as younger guests. Keep an equal amount of sugary delights, cheesy foodstuffs, spicy morsels, plain eatables and drinks on your menu. An excessive of one would spoil the mood among your guests. If you are going for a proper dinner menu, then shorten the appetizer list. Remember, this is a birthday and not a wedding where an ample choice is there on the list. You can consult your catering service for this. Some of the best birthday party organizers in Gurgaon and other cities are well equipped in handling such implications of a party like a champ.
  • Buy lots of paper plate & glasses: It would be better if you could avoid crockery item if this is your house or garden birthday party. The children might not be that much careful while handling the items and a disaster might occur. Thus, it would be better if you take some early precautions. Buy everything that is disposable and you don’t have to worry about cleaning all this mess.
  • Ask for a cleaning crew: A party is a chaotic event and the mess that gets dumped up afterwards makes it all the topsy-turvier. So, ask your caterer if they are providing any cleaning crew to wipe out the mess.
  • Create a fantastic presentation: Every meal works out best when you are presenting it in the best of manners. Use some enchanting colour combinations or use different types of props to decorate your buffet table or dining hall. Your guests would get a livelier feeling under such a decoration. Use creativity in serving your food. The chefs out there are well versed in the art of presentation and can mold your food station into something beautiful.
  • Make separate food station: Want to give a more classic look to your catering decoration? Try out the method of setting separate stations for desserts, drinks, appetizers, candies etc. This will be a really impressive décor as well as catering idea.

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