Stats You Didn’t Know about the Military

While most people are more than aware of what the UK military does, few know the facts. With that in mind, we’ve published an infographic aimed at setting the record straight. Whether you’re simply doing some research or even if you’re thinking about joining in the near future, the information below is essential reading. Everyone should take the time to learn more about their military. At the end of the day, it is the organisation that makes sure you can sleep soundly in your bed each night. Some of the stats you’re about to read might come as a surprise.

Women make up 12.1% of officers in the military at the current time. They also make up 9% of enlisted personnel in the UK military. That is shocking when you consider they weren’t allowed to join only a few years ago.

Military spending in the UK currently makes up 2.5% of GDP. While it is not the most costly of our expenses, that is certainly not an insignificant amount. Anyone who joins should take comfort in the fact that funding is not a problem.

The UK military has 4154 tanks, armoured personnel carriers and reconnaissance vehicles. That means troops have the best support possible in the most dangerous situations imaginable.

So, you can easily see why the UK military are ranked fifth in the world. Just as a little extra, we thought it was worth mentioning that 85% of enlisted personnel will spend at least one tour working abroad. It’s perfect for people who want to see other countires and cultures.

Source Gray and Co Solicitors

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