What some states for the environment

There are are many states in the United States that care about the environment.

In New York City, if you idle in your car for more than three minutes, don’t be surprised. A person  named George Pakenham, who is a banker on Wall Street, comes to your car. He will be polite and apologizes for disturbing you. He doesn’t know if the person knows that idling more than 3 minutes is illegal. He lets newcomers to the city know and reminds citizens who have lived there for years and just choose not to follow the law.

Portland, Oregon keeps fewer things from going into their landfills. This city has a program called Portland Composts! With this program, you can put things if you didn’t have your compost.  You would put them out on the curb, and a truck comes around once a week and picks them up. This is to save  all l that them from the landfill. The residents could put things like egg shells because who eats an eggshell unless as a fraternity hazing. They can also put out coffee filters that after you made your coffee you don’t need the filter anymore.

Ever before you got to school did you dream of being a farmer? But if you then went to school and  made new friends Those new friends  interested you in new things. You maybe have given up your farmer dream, maybe kept a garden but nothing as big as a farm and you didn’t; livestock to either slaughter or get milk and eggs from cows and chicken. With the farmer today on average being 57 years old  average age.  South Carolina is worried one day there will be no more farmers.  So to solve this problem, near Charleston, South Carolina at the Dirt Works Incubator farms. They have a three-year program that has farmers teach the trade.

In Pennsylvania, in Carlisle outside of Harrisburg the state capital, Is Dickinson College. The reason this college is special is that they have a fifty-acre farm that the United States Department of Agriculture certified as organic.The vegetables are grown by the students. They just don’t grow vegetables  as they raise free-range animals. They sell what they reap from the farm a farmers markets that I assume is to make money to keep the farm running. The food from the farm is also served in the dining hall of the college. The best part is they donate some of the food to the local food bank to help those down on their luck. I commend Dickinson College for doing that.

There Is an amazing community in New Mexico. This community is located in Cerros de Taos. This community is 633 acres big and is called Greater World Earthship Community. They have solar houses they make of things that go to landfills like tires that they recycle. The things are things like  cans, Adobe and other things they find people throwing out. This is commendable, They also make their biodielsel fuel just for their community, and they grow  their food .

An interesting farming practice is happening in Iowa. The farmers interested are growing their crops with a new method called STRIPS. This method is to make the water runoff lower, and the soil keeps more nutrients which means the health of the crops are going to be better. They are doing this by planting prairie plants that are native to their area in ten percent of their farms, I hope it works out for them.

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