Starting Homemade Holiday Gifts in September


Starting homemade holiday gifts in September avoids stress later.

It may seem early to think about starting homemade holiday gifts in September, but if you plan to make gifts, September is the perfect time to start. For parents, the kids are back in school, leaving time for working on projects. For people who work, starting gifts early helps avoid unfinished gifts in December. This factors in time for planned and unplanned delays. It also helps avoid the last minute money drain!

Before you dismiss the idea of starting homemade holiday gifts in September, you should consider some of these questions:

  • How many gifts are you planning to make?
  • How complicated or time consuming is each gift?
  • Are you going to make other homemade Christmas gifts?
  • Are you doing other Christmas projects, such as wreaths for your doors or a quilted tree skirt for your tree?
  • Can someone help you if you fall behind schedule?
  • Does your item require special storage, such as cold storage for food?
  • Does your project need treatment time, such as drying garden-raised herbs?
  • Do you need to buy, rent, or borrow special equipment, such as a jigsaw, kiln, embroidery machine, or other equipment?
  • Are you having someone else do some of the project, such as having a professional quilt the top of your patchwork quilt?

These questions will give you a good idea of how much time you need in order to complete your gifts by Christmas or another Winter holiday. For example, if you are hiring someone to machine embroider a fabric piece or fire a pottery bowl in a kiln, you need to factor in extra time. Often, people cannot deliver the finished goods on time. They may also be busy with other customers’ orders or working on their own holiday gifts.


If you run into a time crunch, can someone help you finish the project? Some gifts, like tatted bookmarks or custom leather mugs, need special talents. Others, such as making homemade spice mixes, do not.


Starting homemade holiday gifts in September is a smart planning strategy. In September, You may not want to see lights on Christmas trees or Christmas gift displays in stores, but you will want to see holiday projects on your worktable!


Photo credit: Terrie Brockmann ©2015 I am an avid crafter and have been starting homemade holiday gifts in September for years.


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