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English: Useful for Android-based medical soft...

English: Useful for Android-based medical software applications. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Is your phone or tablet running slow? It’s your lucky day, because you have come to the right place.


Apps. 08 July.

Apps. 08 July. (Photo credit: Gustav H)

1.   Uninstall a few of your apps


We all do enjoy downloading applications, but we usually end up rarely using half of the apps. Not only that, but we do not realize they do take up a lot of storage, some run in the background, and still some drain your battery. So now, if you have got any applications that you rarely run, get rid of them. This will boost the functionality of your phone a lot.


  1. Destroy unneeded Junk and files

The more that you use an application, the more data the application takes up on the phone, that may go up to lots MB (mega-bytes). It’s all brief system storage that could possibly slow things up and effect your device’s speed. This temporary data could include: Browser History/Cache/Cookies and remaining files (leftovers of formerly removed applications). Cleaning up junk files will aid in freeing up storage space.


  1. Deactivate auto updating

Deactivate all the auto updating, it may be the cause for a sluggish response if your phone keeps on updating apps.

To deactivate automatic updating:

  • Open Google Play
  • Click: “Menu”
  • Turn off “Auto Updates”


  1. Stop background tasks

Numerous applications are still going in the background and use your device’s RAM after you close it. Facebook or Email is a great example of CPU using application, which will undeniably slow your phone’s system if it is always running, so it is best to stop some applications from going on in the background.

To stop background applications you need to learn to use a Task Manager.


5.   Do not ever run live wallpapers

Live wallpapers have a large impact on the battery and the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Certain Phones are not fast enughf and can not handle live wallpaper and run fast. Although this is true of most cheap phones, getting rid of live-wallpaper and you will also see faster performance and better battery life. If you are looking for something else for your wallpapers I’d check out Nature Wallapers.


6.   Use less widgets with your home screen

Widgets are very great for using CPU and Battery in the background, consequential is a slow phone. The more of widgets you’ve got the worse it will lag. Remove all the unnecessary immediately.


7.   Rebooting your Android

Rebooting clears RAM and will make your android run faster and smoother. You should reboot at least one time a day.


8.     The “Factory Resetting”

When none of The above steps are working, then factory reset. It will just turn the device back into the way it was when you bought it ( be sure to back up  all of your: “apps,” “contacts”  and all other data you want to keep).






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