Speculations Aren’t Considered as Proof

“Proof is needed in the court of law.” Proof and evidence is needed in investigations. Speculating can not be considered as proof. Even if there are reasons to believe something could possibly be true. If there’s no proof then there’s no way of finding out the truth. A lot of court cases have been thrown out because of insufficient evidence. Not enough to make a case. A lot of speculations occur when there isn’t any proof and some just wanting to get stories out there. 

For instance when it comes to the matters which are still being discussed today, the matters which involve rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls there are a lot of speculation and here say, until there’s concrete evidence then there’s no way of knowing what is what. Of course there will be a lot of fishing but what is the real deal? Don’t know and any writer, journalist, or investigator who wants the truth will wait but if there way of “finding out” what really occurred then putting information out there is just speculation. 

Why aren’t detectives, police, and investigators able to find out who the suspects are behind a lot of homicides especially the ones related to “rappers?” Not having enough eye witnesses, little to no cooperation, or in some cases not wanting to know. There are some who have the information but are unwilling to come forward because they’re afraid or just don’t trust law enforcement. Which is understandable with so many incidents which have occurred. 

Sometimes the investigations take a long time to solve not having any cooperation will make investigating more difficult. Some journalist will be desperate enough to just print a story without speaking with any of the individuals involved. In the case of “Tupac Shakur” it is very important to know who was involved in not just one incident but two. There is a need to know who the threats are. Sometimes it’s the ones who are least suspected. 

In a lot cases the truth may never be revealed which is hard to take in. Any person who has been assaulted, shot, or threatened in anyway would want to know who’s behind the crimes. There is a person somewhere who has “the information.” Some will monitor to see what others know and who’s asking questions. There will be some who will have more enemies than others but it can be a bad idea to speculate. Finding out what the truth is and the facts can help lower crime and also solve cases. 

There’s a lot of cold cases. The cases go cold when the detectives are unable to find any suspects and no witnesses are willing to talk. Must be very frustrating for detectives. The long hours and the desire to want to solve cases but are unable to do so because of little “cooperation.” Some take their jobs quite seriously and love solving cases. The judge will not want to hear any speculations. The proof is needed in order to try a suspect. Some get off because there’s so many who feel as if telling is snitching. 

“It can be Difficult to Find the Information not all Will Know the What is.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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