Specialty Salt for Flavour

Specialty Salt

Specialty Salt for Excellent Flavor

Have you ever really thought about salt and what it can do for your food?  I’m betting that you haven’t because most of us have been trained to believe that the best thing you can do with salt is not put it on your food.  And for some people that is true.  But if you choose the right salt, just a little bit can make a huge difference in the flavor of your food and is not harmful for most people.

There are many different kinds of salt and each one is distinct.

Types of Salt

There are common salts and then there are specialty salts.  Common salts include table salt, light salt, kosher salt, and pickling salt.  These are all types of salt that you are likely to find in your grocery store.  They will add flavor to food, but not anything special.  It will taste salty.  They usually fit into the category of rock salts.

Specialty salts are completely different though.  They are unlikely to be found at the grocery store.  They include both rock salts and sea salts.  There is volcanic salt and salt made from real human tears.  There is salt that comes from the Himalayas and there is even purple salt.  Each is different and has a distinct flavor.

Some of the specialty salts you might come across include:

  • Hawaiian pink sea salt – has a slightly nutty flavor and  large crystals; great for finishing
  • Portuguese sea salt – hand harvested and no mechanical processing
  • Smoked sea salt – smoked over alder and hickory chips for a cool flavor
  • Habanero salt – sea salt blended with habanero peppers
  • Green chile salt – blended with green chiles and Atlantic sea salt
  • Alaska flake sea salt – has a delicate, pure flavor with a satisfying crunch

Purity = Quality

The less refined a salt is, the more pure it will be and the more pure the salt is the higher the quality and the better the flavor.  Most salts found in grocery stores are refined and exposed to chemicals.  They go through a process that makes them a certain shape.  Naturally evaporated salt is more crystalline in appearance and has more distinct tastes.

A Powerful Ingredient

Salt can be one of the most amazing and powerful ingredients that you can have in your kitchen when it comes to creating flavorful dishes.  The taste of a dish can be intensified with a special flake salt.  Although specialty salts cost more than table salt you don’t need to use as much so you get more bang for your buck so it is actually a cost efficient way to make food taste great.  Specialty salts can add texture and aesthetic appeal to food, too.

Try keeping your kitchen stocked with a few different varieties of salt with at least one of them being a high end flake salt that you can use primarily for finishing off meals and making them more visually appealing.  Have fun with colors.  Find a great fluer de sel, one of the best organic sea salts, which you can use for seasoning.

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