Spark Plug – How it Works to Keep Your Car Engine Running

The spark plug is one of the parts of a car engine that is hardly noticed, yet no gasoline-powered car will ever run without it. Many car owners are not giving their spark plugs the attention they duly deserve until they stop working. When this happens, you might not have better options but have your car towed and call a reliable mechanic like the car repair Loveland specialists for troubleshooting.


What is a spark plug and how does it work?


A spark plug is an electrical component that is fitted atop your engine cylinder head. It is also connected to the ignition coil which is the source of the high voltage that works to enable the spark plug to spark the fuel and trigger combustion. This makes the engine run. The spark plug is therefore an important component that makes a car go.


To make sure that your engine performs at optimum level, you should equip it with a reliable spark plug. Spark plugs don’t cost much and they are available at every auto parts store. Ask your mechanic for reliable brands. Good quality spark plugs can help you to minimize fuel expenses and maximize your mileage. And they can work much better if you pair them with quality ignition coils of fuel injectors.


What are the signs of a failing spark plug?


Behind its innocent look, the spark plug plays an important role in your car electrical system. It powers your engine to keep it running. You should always see to it that your spark plugs are in good condition. You will know that they are in perfect shape if your car cannot encounter these symptoms:


Your car is difficult to start especially during cold mornings.


Your engine makes a slow response when you accelerate it.


You will notice a reduction in your car’s fuel efficiency. This translates into more trips to the gas station than before.


You’ll notice that your engine does not run smoothly. This is caused by inefficient fuel ignition in one or two of the cylinders.


The flow of electric current is uneven and erratic. This causes engine combustion problems.


These are the most common indications that your spark plug is about to fail. You can avoid this by replacing your spark plugs with new ones as the first signs begin to appear. If you need assistance in doing it, you can always seek the help of car repair and maintenance specialists such as the Subaru Clinic auto mechanics.


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