Space-Saving Ways to Decorate a Tiny Entryway

A small entrance might seem just about useless, especially if it offers nothing more than a door and a tiled space for shoe removal. However, you can use space-saving ways to decorate a tiny entryway. With a few organizational tools and tricks, you can also add decorative storage. Take advantage of the small area that you have, and make use of vertical surfaces. It can look incredibly stylish and visually larger, and for far less than you ever imagined.

Begin by Clearing Away Shoes and Other Clutter

When looking for space-saving ways to decorate a tiny entryway, begin by clearing away shoes, satchels and all other items that do not have to be there. The space will appear smaller than ever if it is littered with all sorts of unnecessary odds and ends. Hang a shoe organizer on the inside of a coat closet door to store footwear, and keep the space clean and clear. The entry will appear instantly larger after the floor and other horizontal surfaces have been cleared of clutter.

Space-Saving Ways to Decorate a Tiny Entryway

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Define the Entryway with a Stylish Sofa Table

If your tiny entryway is not clearly defined, consider separating the space from the living room with a stylish sofa table. The Ashley Signature Design Antigo Sofa Table pictured is an excellent choice. Place it next to the doorway to create an open-concept hallway, and add style and function to the area with baskets and tabletop decor.

If the sofa table offers a shelf below, line it with woven baskets that can be used to hold gloves, extra keys and anything else desired. Place a floral arrangement or another decorative piece on top, and if the closest wall has a plugin, consider adding a small decorative tabletop light. The floor beneath the table can be lined with boot trays and used to hold shoes that are frequently worn. The rest can remain on the inside of the coat closet door.

Mirrors Offer Space-Saving Ways to Decorate a Tiny Entryway

Mirrors have the power to visually enhance the size of a space. When seeking space-saving ways to decorate a tiny entryway, consider adding a large framed mirror in a style of your choice. Center a gorgeous mirror on the largest wall near the door. Turn it into a focal point by decorating around it. Consider adding a small metal wall sculpture along each side, or add eye-catching candle sconces. The arrangement will add style to the space, and the because of the reflective property of the mirror, it will look considerably larger.

Add a Stylish Light Fixture That Fully Illuminates the Space

A brighter room looks naturally bigger than one that is dim or drab. When looking for space-saving ways to decorate a tiny entryway, bathe it in natural and artificial light. Add a stylish light fixture that fully illuminates the space instead of a small single-bulb fixture. Something that reflects the style of the surrounding decor will look absolutely amazing.

Cube-Style Entryway Shelf

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Hang a Cube-Style Entryway Shelf to Provide Vertical Storage

A wall-mounted cube-style shelf unit with baskets and coat hooks is an ideal addition to a very small entrance, and the Prepac Sonoma Entryway Cubbie Shelf pictured is a phenomenal choice. Not only is it ideal when seeking space-saving ways to decorate a tiny entryway, but it also provides extra storage space. The baskets can be used to hold small items including gloves, extra keys, small notebooks and more. The hooks can be used to hang guest’s coats. When combined with the other space-saving decorating ideas, it will look absolutely phenomenal. It will be far more defined, and it will serve a valuable purpose that goes beyond simply entering and leaving the home.

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