Sonic Advance 3, A GBA Review

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Sonic Advance 3

Sonic is one little character which has been with me since I was a young child. Maybe this is because regardless of whatever new things are made, Sonic manages to keep up. This original idea never falls far behind, and has managed to keep changing and stay relevant in today’s modern climate. Sonic can now be bought on a range of different machines, but it is never far away from its original form.

The game I am going to review today is Sonic Advance 3 for the GBA, a game I think well worth a positive online review. After being a little disappointed with the previous Sonic 2 game, I was very glad this one was back up to scratch. And with some new plots and twists too, just to make things a little more exciting.

The Game

Robotnik or Doctor Eggman is back again, and as is his usual way he is intent on taking over the world. But his genius and cunning matches his evilness, and he has now completed the perfect fighting Robot to help him with his evil plans. He has used chaos control to break the world up into seven parts and now only Sonic and Tails, who have been split from their friends can save the world. By winning seven chaos emeralds from the newly formed seven different parts of the world, Sonic and Tails can save the day.

Their is a few little changes to the Sonic game in general. Like the fact that you can now choose to control Tails instead of Sonic if you wish. Also for the first time ever, Sonic now talks. Well maybe talks is a little strong but he does say a word every now and again. As ever Sonic is a fast and energetic character, a little cheaky and a hater off Eggman and Evil. Your aim as Sonic is pretty simple really, get coins, kill the baddies and complete the levels. In doing so you can save the whole world from the evil doctor.

Overall I think that this game is brilliant, the graphics are top notch the music is good and the game play is amazing. Anyone who is in to the Sonic games will love this, it doesn’t disappoint and comes highly recommended from me. Sonic it seems will live on forever, and with games like this still being made I don’t see why not. Simple and fun enough for kids, yet engaging and enjoyable for adults too.




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