Go for Helping Others and not Just Ourselves

Not everyone is looking for friendship, to establish better relationships, or to be there for you. Some people are looking for help. They may see you as an opportunity to gain something they need. Yes, it’s sad that people will use people in such a way, but what’s really sad is if they’re someone who should care for you if n one else does. Some are looking for ways to gain extra money. They may want it to come easy so they may pretend to offer some assistance to you but in reality they want some money because they’re having it a bit rough. 

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There’s nothing wrong with being in need but if you’re trying to do underhanded things to obtain something then it won’t work. People may ask that you come stay with them but when they find out that you won’t generate anything for them then they will want you to leave. If we gave from the heart then we would feel better but trying to find ways to gain and not be concerned about others won’t bring you any joy. 

It’s difficult dealing with people who are a on a I trip. Everything they can think of involves them and n one else. Everyone has faced a struggle in their lives and sometimes we have to go through some tough battles in order to come out of the struggles but we should understand that we can’t take advantage of people in order to come out of it. Don’t try to separate people because you’re looking for a gain. 

If we all desired to “give from our hearts” then we would see a positive difference in this world. We should help one another but we can’t expect help if we’re being deceptive about it. Most of us could use a greater income and if we find positive ways to obtain it then it could happen but don’t just give so that you’ll receive something back. A lot of people give in order to receive something back from someone or people. 

Watch This Video. It’s a Great Example About Giving From the Heart. 

It can drive people away when they find out that your tactics had to do with separating a family in order to gain more money. This is for anyone who’s being deceptive in order to add money to your bank account. Don’t do it because you’ll lose in the long run and you could lose a relationship with your loved ones. So many people give from their hearts and some refuse to do so but if we allow our hearts to help others then we’ll be able to see brighter days. “Love one Another and Give From Your Heart.”

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