Some other silly mistakes in eBook publishing

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EBook publishing is one of the best businesses ever known to work for professional writers. But, the process is slow since it requires loads of content and very few can manage. It is likely that we end up committing eBook publishing mistakes which are not liked by the customer. My last post discussed some common mistakes committed by even the professionals. This post shows some more avoidable generic eBook publishing mistakes.

Avoiding these generic mistakes can help us to fasten our revenue processes.

Providing false / incomplete information

No one like erroneous data. Of what use is that data which is not guaranteed to help. 95% of data in any eBook proves to be incomplete. The main cause behind this is improper research.

Due to hurry in providing the information, we often tend to finish everything early. Let me make 1 point very clear – eBook publishing requires too much patience. You might take a month just to think which content is required. You might take another to write the content. You might see the results 2 months later. This is natural. No, this does not authorize you to provide incomplete or false information.

If you need money right from Day 1, don’t go for eBook publishing, go for a regular pay job.

Improper paragraph and spacing

Most of the websites have their own standards for eBook publishing. They have their own protocols for paragraphs, headings and spacing. Whatever is sent to them, that content is checked and not published unless and until it meets the specified quality guidelines.

We often have improper formatting in our eBook. This is to be noted that no body will read the eBook if it cannot add the value. How can an improperly formatted eBook add value to any reader?

Not marketed well

The goal of marketing is to create brand equity. It is about creating value to the end users in such a way that they end up procuring eBook from you and this way, you will be profitable.

However, there is a big gap. What if the end user does not know about your eBook? Your entire eBook publishing plan goes for a toss because there is no one to read it.

EBook marketing is a general topic and very broad in nature. We plan to cover the same in next article in detail.


EBook publishing business is known to create miracles provided it is marketed and presented well. Due to highly demanding patience, we tend to finish it in hurry which often leads to serious mistakes. Those who manage to avoid these mistakes become the most successful eBook publishers.

How ebook publishing is made simple.


Fools repeat the same mistake multiple times, champions learn from it and convert weaknesses to strengths.

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