Some of the Events are a part of the Journey

Unfortunately we’ll come in contact with some very determined people. Some who will try just as hard to take away their work or whatever they’re seeking. The fight will “continue on.” As long as one is traveling on a journey. There will be some mishaps and such. There will be some who just don’t understand the word no or not to continuously use harassment. In some cases the law will need to be involved. There will need to be some form of contact with lawyers. 

It’s amazing how some are so determined to create their own drop. The “media” even stated, “Some are Desperate.” There are a lot of struggling individuals but is there any other way? Some are willing to risk long prison terms just to get by. For some they’ve went so far they may not know how to turn back. No matter what any person does. There should be no reason to give up on a dream or vision. Some may become intimidated or discouraged by coming in contact with so many who are trying to make one stumble. 

Do not be surprised who would come up against the visionary. “They’ll try to duplicate” whatever the person or persons have produced but not understanding there are some who continuously watch like law enforcement. What have so many gotten themselves into that they’ve become so desperate? Perhaps heavy spending. Some may behave like addicts. Not even trying to stop what they’re doing. They’ll fallen into a hole and may not know how to come out of the whole. 

When dealing with such individuals and situations there will need to be a time of reflecting. A time to just gather thoughts. There are some who “refuse to quit.” They’ve become so toxic. It may be difficult to deal with such individuals when trying to be in pursuit of better living. There are a lot of ways to handle the situations. If there’s continuous harassment then the law must be contacted. There are a lot of people who have received or will receive prosperity and they’ve had to deal with some who have both hands out. 

There will be the ones who refuse to mind their own business. No matter what’s going on they’re more in tuned with what a person is doing instead of trying to focus on their own lives. For some the stress of having to deal with so many situations have caused severe fatigue. Some chose to give up. There must be as much determination from “the visionary” as there is from the thieves. There will be a lot of criticism and a lot of heckling going on. Proceed anyway.  By: 

Tanikka Paulk

Some may have noticed the “possibilities” and want to come along for the ride. Even when they’ve been asked to stop tagging along. Not everyone should come along on the journey. Some can cause one to be held back. They’ll try to hinder the individual or individuals. In order to advance there will need to be some private moves. Some are will monitor so closely and it may seem impossible to achieve as much as one may desire. Don’t lose hope. Remain hopeful. There’s no way of getting around the adversity. Take some time to think and enjoy some positive activities. 

Author’s Notes: The Article is Written by: Tanikka Paulk Pen Names Include: Tiki33, Teep11, ShaPaulk.  (tanikkap) (tanikka paulk). ShaWilson. T. Paulk. Paulk  paulk tanikka

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