Some of the Best Private Schools in Little Rock, Ark.

Little Rock has many fine public schools. If, however, you are a parent or guardian who has a private school in mind there are quite a few in Little Rock, both religious and secular, that offer the type of private school experience you have in mind.

Pulaski Academy

Pulaski Academy is a private school that is not affiliated with any religious group. It is open and nurturing to children from any religious tradition, culture or race. They accept students into their pre-school program at age three and teach all the way through grade 12. Students can spend their entire academic career in one place, at least until they go off to college. The curriculum is college preparatory and it is rare that a student would not go on to college after graduation. The student body is very active in social as well as cultural programs of enrichment and service. Athletics are also important and everything from cheerleading to tennis is offered. Financial aid is available to students whose family might not be able to afford the tuition.

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Episcopal Collegiate School

Episcopal Collegiate School is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and services are offered daily but the school is open to students from 3 years old through 12th grade from any religion. This is a college preparatory school that has a great track record with 100 percent of students in 2010 going on to colleges for which 65 percent of them gained scholarship that amounted to 3.9 million dollars. The facilities are state of the art and include one on one computers for all students from grades 9-12. Sports and the arts are stressed as well as academic excellence. The campus is located on 34 gated acres close to downtown Little Rock.

The Anthony School

The Anthony School is the oldest independent school in Arkansas dating from 1944. It is non-sectarian. It offers a pre-school, elementary school and a middle school. According to the school website they emphasize research and writing skills, critical thinking and application of concepts and knowledge to solve problems across subject areas. Foreign language is a priority and Spanish is mandatory from PreK-8 with French being offered as well to 7th and 8th graders. Athletics are an important ingredient and enrichment is offered in the form of gymnastics. Violin is offered to children from grades 3-8.

Christ the King Roman Catholic School

Christ the King Roman Catholic School offers a private school education based on Catholic traditions and beliefs but accepts children of all faiths. There is a schedule for acceptance, however, with practicing Catholics receiving priority, especially parishioners, and those with children already in the school. The school has a full curriculum including science, computers and foreign languages. Athletics and the arts are also part of the basic education. Uniforms are required to be worn by all students.

These are just four of the best  private schools in Little Rock. They have inclusive entrance policies that are not restrictive to any one group and welcome students regardless of race or religion and have scholarships available for students who might find the tuition too expensive to afford.

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