Soda Drinks Can be a Cause of Premature Aging

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Do you love to have your soft drinks with soda? Is your meal is incomplete without aerated drinks? If this is the case then you must read this. The new research has thrown some light on the consequences of drinking too much soda drinks. According to the outcomes of the research, only half liter of the sugared soda if consumed daily is related to the 4.6 years of additional biological aging. Researchers has claimed that drinking of sugary soda drinks on daily basis can age cells much faster as they can cause and promote diseases independently.

The ends of the chromosomes in cells are capped by Telomeres which are basically the protective units of the DNA. Those who drink sugared soda too much (i.e. half a liter or more everyday) are more prone to have reduced number of these protective units in their white blood cells. Also regular consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas can strain body’s metabolic control of sugars.

White blood cells are the cells of the immune system, which fights any foreign particle if found in our blood. This means they defend our body from infectious diseases. The reduction in the number of protective unit telomeres in white blood cells can weaken their usual functionality. Hence body became more prone to diseases. Moreover if cells gets week their lifetime get shortened, hence drinking soda on regular basis can accelerate cellular aging of tissues.

So if you don’t want premature aging, you need to control your soda intake. To keep your skin healthy and young, try consuming fruit juice instead of soda drinks. If you look around you can find many good alternatives to sugared soda which are not only free from disastrous side effects but will also provide your body with necessary vitamins and nutrients. It’s a win-win situation, you are not only protecting yourself from premature aging but also providing your body with necessary nutrients.

One good alternative can be vegetable juice comprising carrots, cucumbers and beet-root. Or you can have orange and sweet lime juice every day. These fruits and vegetable drinks will provide your body with antioxidants such as vitamin C and A, these vitamins (A and C) help to prevent cellular damage.

So as I mentioned above it’s definitely a win-win situation. I do realize the fact that abandoning your soda drinks will not be that easy, but it’s a necessary step needed to be taken if you want to avoid premature aging. By abandoning your soda drinks, I do not mean that you can never intake any, you just need to reduce your consumption of sugared soda, you can intake these soda drinks occasionally, there is no harm in it.

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