Social Media May Be Turning To Longer Videos, But Content Platforms Already Let Users Profit Using Video

On Wednesday, June 20th, Instagram announced it would start offering a new long-form vertical video platform, titled IGTV, according to The Street. It will be available to users on Instagram as well as in a new, standalone app.

Previously, uploaded videos could be a minute long on Instagram. With this new service, they can now last as long as one hour. That’s obviously a significant difference that users will have to adapt to.

An obvious competitor for IGTV is, of course, YouTube. Tech Crunch reported that IGTV will let anyone be a “creator,” and that the new app is available on both iOS and Android. It’s clear that Instagram is trying to make this new video service as accessible as possible.

But the thing is, there’s already content platforms that give users similar freedom. There are already sites where anyone, not just celebrities and other famous personalities, can share longer videos with their followers. But with these other content platforms, it’s already very simple for users to profit off of that work.

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Take ConnectPal, for instance. ConnectPal lets anyone add content to a profile, whether it’s audio, video, photos, documents, and more. Then, users set a monthly price for subscribers and fans to access the profile content. ConnectPal can already be the home of a long-form video platform for anyone who signs up.

In fairness, there are other services out there where content creators can make money like they can with ConnectPal. A lot of people profit off of their YouTube videos, after all. And maybe in the future, IGTV will be comparable to YouTube when it comes to creators trying to make some money off of their content. In fact, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told Tech Crunch that eventually, he wants to offer creators on IGTV a way to monetize.

But sites like ConnectPal aren’t waiting for the future. Anyone can go on and create a long video, maybe even as part of a series, right now. Former television personality Jane Velez-Mitchell, for example, is already doing it. Comedian Nick Di Paolo hosts a podcast there instead, but switching to video would be a breeze with the infrastructure ConnectPal already has in place.

So while social media giants may be turning more and more to longer videos, the truth is, they’re a little behind the times compared to some content platforms. And with hosts like ConnectPal, users can start making money today, and not whenever social media platform CEOs decide it’s time to let them.

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