Skewers Types and Uses

Skewers and a grill (indoor or outdoor) are the cooking utensils needed for a delicious, quick and healthy meal. Chunks of vegetables, meat or tofu impaled on the thin rods and grilled to perfection is a hearty main course that can be followed with healthy, low-calorie fruit chunks grilled on skewers. And after-meal cleanup is a breeze. Whatever small food items you wish to skewer and grill, select the right type of skewer for the cooking task.

Long or Short
The length of the skewer needed is determined by the food course being grilled. Foods which will be served as appetizers or hors d’oeuvres are best threaded on short, metal skewers so each guest can take the number of skewers desired from a serving platter being passed around the room.
Main course foods are best threaded on long metal skewers. One or two of the food-laden rods makes for a sufficient main course and the individual can decide whether to eat the grilled food directly off the skewer or remove it en-masse to their plate and use a fork to eat the food.

Metal skewers with two-prongs are designed for food items that have the tendency to spin when being turned over on the grill. Mushrooms, peppers, scallops and shrimp are some of those foods prone to spinning when placed on a standard skewer. A two-pronged skewer allows for the food to be pierced twice and held securely in place during the grilling process. If you don’t have two-pronged skewers, use two separate skewers side-by-side to achieve the same spin-free results.
Metal skewers, whether single or two-pronged, will get hot during the grilling process. Use tongs when removing them from heat and serve with small quilted skewer holders so guests won’t get burned on the hot metal.

Wooden skewers are disposable, just eat and toss and make cleanup even easier. However, wooden skewers must be soaked for at least 20 minutes prior to using to prevent the wood from catching on fire while the food is being grilled. An oblong casserole dish is a perfect soaking tub for wooden skewers, just place enough water in the casserole dish to cover all skewers and let soak until needed. You can also add spices or other flavoring to the soaking water and let the wooden skewers soak overnight to absorb the flavor. When the wood gets hot, it will release the flavor into the inside of the food being grilled.

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