Free Cookie Recipe Book Plus – Single Parent Family Budget Tips- Financial Planning for a Household

Bake cookies for yourself  or your loved ones with the free recipe book below. Save money and enjoy freshly baked treats.  If you aren’t in the habit of making a budget, or you haven’t stuck to it the first few times you tried to make one, this is for you. Learn how personal budgeting techniques are used to achieve financial goals.


Free Cookie Recipe Book

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Single Parent Family Budget Tips- Financial Planning for a Household

Single Parent Family Budget Tips- Financial Planning for a Household


A budget is a plan for how you will spend your money. The budgeting process may be difficult at first but as you practice making a budget and learning to use budgeting tools, making a budget becomes easier for you and your family.


Spend the Cash You Have Wisely


A budget allows you, as an individual, a couple, a family or an organization, to better understand your financial power. Personal budgeting techniques can help you increase your financial power.

Don’t stop budgeting even if when you do your budget you find that the expenditure outmatches the income! Still make your plan. Little by little, the balance will change because once you start applying financial discipline and foresight to your life, your attitude and spending habits will also change for the better.

Budgets are used by communities and cities. Some communities and organisations have built budgeting websites that offer budgeting tips to members of their community. The budgeting process is carried out with the involvement of everyone via public discussion.

Budgets are used by companies and countries and although not everyone may be involved in the planning at this level, the desired outcomes of wealth creation, financial profit and debt elimination, are the same.

Budgeting is a habit that is built over time. Don’t give up if your first few attempts at budgeting have failed. Read all the budgeting tips you can. Just like most things that are done for the first time, it will take a while to get the hang of it. Then, it will take a while to get used to it and have it become something that you do automatically.



Families should do budgets together, as should spouses. That way, everybody gets a chance to weigh in and take ownership of the budget.

Because a budget is made with specific categories of spending, for example groceries, and transportation, it is easier to track how much is being spent on each area and make cut-backs or changes where necessary.

For example, you may decide that a higher amount needs to be spent on education, so that down the road, you or your spouse can get a better job or achieve some long desired educational goal.

Because a budget forces you to list each of your areas of expenditure, you are better able to see what areas of outlay even in your personal life might not be necessary at the time, for you to achieve your goals.



Making the budget allows you to practice foresight, as you have to look at all the results-good and bad- that you may experience through your spending decisions.

Every budget should have two sections:

The first part relates strictly to finances and reveals the issues that are of highest priority to you. This section sets a specific financial objective for each issue.

The second part sets out specific, actionable tasks that must be done, either on a one-off basis, or consistently, for you to know that you are going to achieve the goals and standards of performance set out by your budget. This section helps you to manage your life so that you see results.



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