Shouldn’t we all Chip in

We all should assist in some way. Helping when we can. Some are quick to chastise others for not helping the way that they feel some should but what are they giving? There’s always something that we can give. There’s time, money, or completing tasks. There’s something. We should be cheerful givers but the unfortunate thing is some make it quite difficult to give. 

Not accepting how we operate. There’s no rules to giving or assisting in some way. We should feel joyful about assisting and when we don’t then perhaps we’re helping the wrong people. If others are generating stress by the way to assist or who we decide assist then we may need to distance ourselves from such environments. No one force others to help. Helping should be something we want to do. It’s quite difficult to assist when there’s a lot of pressure. 

We should feel glad about doing things for others. It’s pretty sad when so many become upset when others try to help their people. What’s wrong with doing so? Everyone should be chipping in. There’s some that may not understand the state of giving. Help, help, help but refusing to help others. We should also help ourselves. Sometimes we may become in tuned with assisting others that we forget to assist ourselves. 

No one has the right to try to make us feel bad about not giving when they demand it. We have to want to give and not be forced to. The joy of giving is a blessing in itself. Blessing others produces “abundance.” With abundance we can bless more and more. Giving words of encouragement is a way to give. We never know who may need our words of encouragement. 

Everyone needs assistance in some way. We certainly shouldn’t be selfish but we have to care for ourselves as well. Some may not understand that others aren’t always in a position to give. Some will go with out because of their giving nature but we should look out fir ourselves. Sone may not understand when others have to pay closer attention to their needs. 

There’s some who have plenty to give but rarely give. It shouldn’t be that way but everyone has choice. Some may lack empathy and may not care how others are doing. We should feel guilty about not being able to give but if we have abundance then we should give. God is pleased when we’re helping His people. In fact we feel better when we’ve done a good deed. A smile is generated when others have been assisted. There’s a lot of people who do and will appreciate whatever we have to give. There will be some who will never be appreciative. 

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