Shed Winter Pounds With These 4 Tips

After spending the winter months in sweats and feasting on homemade stews, breads and going through the most fattening holidays of the year, a few pounds have attached themselves to most of us. By the time February rolls in we have long-forgotten our New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but we really need help to get into shape before the March winds blow in the warmer weather and we shed our sweats like snakes shed their skin. Shed those winter pounds with these four tips so you can be ready for pool-side by spring.

Serving Size
We are so accustomed to restaurant portion size that we assume that is a standard serving size. It’s not. A 3 ounces serving size of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. Use measuring cups and spoons to keep serving sizes accurate and smaller, which will translate into weight loss while you still enjoy eating some of your favorite foods. Eat what you like, just not as much of it.

Start with Protein
A breakfast that is rich in protein will keep you satisfied longer. A 3 egg-white omelet loaded with fresh vegetables can keep you going until lunch time. Lunch and dinner should include protein too, the protein digests more slowly than other foods and keeps your metabolism up and running evenly.

Snack Time
Snack time is needed, but choose low-calorie, high-fiber and protein-rich snacks to help shed pounds. A slice of low-calorie chicken and a piece of fruit as an afternoon snack will help keep the afternoon slump at bay so you can keep working without feeling tired and sleepy. Drink a glass a water to keep the fat-burning process going at full speed instead of a sugar-laden can of soda that slows you and your metabolism down.

Write it Down
If you chart your weight loss progress it will keep you motivated and help pinpoint any trouble spots. Keep a daily exercise log and food journal. Include your goals, milestones and other information that will help keep you motivated on your journey to shed winter pounds.

Color it Up
The more colorful you make meal time, the fewer calories and more nutrients the meal will contain. Take your meal planning cues from the rainbow and aim to have bright red, yellow, orange, purple and green foods on the table for most meals. Brown and white foods usually contain more calories and less nutrition, so make a colorful food swap and shed those excess winter pounds.

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