What are the seven deadly sins?


The seven deadly sins are 7 categorized sins that can represent a person. For example, if someone would love to eat all the time, their sin is gluttony. Or someone really wants things that a person has, that is Envy. (Jealousy) But, as of me not knowing everything about these sins, take note that there is also a virtue counterpart. A virtue is the opposite of a sin, such as Greed’s virtue would be Generousity. However, I believe that everyone can fall under a deadly sin, or maybe there could be more than seven deadly sins?

What are the deadly sins?
Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, and lust. Lust is desirable love, (where as always in love with someone, or somebody.) Sloth is always being slow and lazy, and I believe this is a category many people fall into. Greed is always wanting everything, but don’t get it mixed with Envy, where that is being jealous of what someone is or has. Pride is when having dignity, and always seemingly trying to stand high and mighty. (A good example of pride is bragging.) Wrath is more likely anger, which many kids can fall under this sin. As far as I know, people can have more than one sin, but I also believe that everyone has a strongest sin.

What are the virtues?
Virtues, like I said are the opposites of Vices. (Vice, as in the deadly sins.) So the vices are Lust/ Chastity, Gluttony/Temperance, Greed/Generosity, Sloth/Diligence Wrath/Patience, Envy/Kindness, and lastly, Pride/Humility. For me, I actually believe that my virtue is Charity, yet having the deadly sin of Envy. Like the seven deadly sins, you can also have all of these virtues, but you can’t get the opposite of those virtues. Therefore, I actually believe that there is a rare chance to find someone that has all the virtues. Did you know that it is actually easier to find Lust and Greed sins in the US? Lets be honest, they are pretty common around the nation.

What is your deadly sin, or seven virtues? I hope that I am not the only Envy around these parts. The inspiration that made me want to learn about the sins is Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood and 2003 version.) I am not saying that is the only way I got all of this information, but I actually was inspired to learn a thing or two about them. Because as they all say, knowledge is power in this world.

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