Serve, Protect, and Embrace

Emotions run high, people are confused, and they want answers. We won’t always receive answers, we won’t always understand why things occur, we can’t allow the negative things take a hold of us. With that being said, not all Law Enforcement Officers are out to harm others, not all of them are bad, not all of them are up to no good. There’s a lot of Law Enforcement Officers who are very dedicated to their communities and to their jobs. It’s unfortunate that a few have caused the public to become enraged and filled with mistrust. 

We can’t look at all Law Enforcement Officers as the same. We may hear about some misconduct,  horrific acts, and hear about the hate. Yes, there’s some that are corrupt and filled with rage, but they don’t speak for all Law Enforcement Officers. The corrupt behavior could stem from their past experiences or it’s something that simply was instilled in them. That doesn’t give them a reason to mistreat others but it could explain why some project disturbing behavior. The incidents that have occurred, caused division, division between the public and the law. 

It’s unfortunate that these things occur, we can’t allow these tragedies to set us back, we must push forward, and we must try to find ways to make things better. Law Enforcement must embrace the people in their communities. They can’t withdraw, they must interact with the youth, and they should offer some comfort. Although many have caused a riff in the system. They don’t speak for the good Law Enforcement Officers. It won’t solve anything to take it out on all Law Enforcement Officers. We must come together and continue to communicate peacefully. 

A lot of Law Enforcement Officers aren’t out to make arrests or harass, they’re willing to communicate, and some will assist those who are willing to accept it. We can’t isolate them, yes we’ll continue to hear some disturbing things about a few, but that doesn’t speak for all. Community leaders must continue to promote peace and encourage people to give Law Enforcement Officers the opportunity to embrace the community. The guilty Officers should be punished for their behavior and when they don’t receive the appropriate punishment, people become irate, and they will continue to behave disorderly. 

Law Enforcement Officers should encourage the community, they should go out and make their presence known, let the people know that Officers are caring individuals. It’s sad that some chose to act aggressively towards the innocent. We need God, the law, and we need Peace Officers. If the public is riddled with fear than they may behave inappropriately and no one should want that. We must embrace one another, our Community Leaders, and Law Enforcement Officers. 



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