The Secrets of a Great Magician: Part 3

Here is the third par of The Secrets of a Great Magician

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5.      He uses stooges to take part in his magic trick.

Stooges are people who are part of a magic trick. It means that they know about the trick and was asked to do their part. We can compare it to a play. The magician is the lead actor. The stooges are the supporting characters. The magic trick is the play which means the whole thing is scripted. Many magicians have used stooges to be part of a magic trick. They use them to make the trick more convincing. Dynamo also uses them. An example of this is when he did the Phone in a Bottle Trick. As the name of the trick implies, he will put someone’s phone in a bottle and his friend will call to make sure that the phone inside is the very same phone. He starts the trick by asking a volunteer to lend him his or her phone and also asks for a bottle. Dynamo then quickly puts the bottle behind him, getting everyone’s attention with the phone in his hand. Someone from behind him will take the bottle and replace it with an identical bottle with an identical phone inside it. In swift motion with his hand, he will bring the real phone in one hand and the bottle with the phone inside together. The real phone in his hand will then disappear in his sleeve, leaving the bottle and an identical phone inside. The owner of the phone and the one who will call are stooges, to make the trick convincing.
6.      He used a dummy to levitate for him.
Levitation is one of the magic tricks that all aspiring magicians want to achieve. It takes skill, practice and a little bit of courage. Countless magicians have levitated but no one did it the way Dynamo did. He used the levitation trick to be the grand finale of his television show, Dynamo: magic Impossible. The setting of his grand finale took place in the Shard in London. It was recorded with a camera on a helicopter. Dynamo levitated towards the top of the Shard and went past it. Before the stunt was aired on television, there were leaked photos. In the pictures, we can see Dynamo being lifted up by wires! He was badly criticized but he remained quiet as if everything is alright. When it was finally aired, it was revealed that the leaked photos were made by Dynamo himself! Although using wires is a standard when doing a levitation trick, Dynamo can’t be supported by the wires when he is past the Shard. There is only one possible explanation for this. It is not Dynamo but a dummy that is levitating for him. Of course the dummy should be very light to be able to float up through the sky. A shot a camera will reveal a human shaped camera. It is not Dynamo.

artemtation / Pixabay

artemtation / Pixabay


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