The Secrets of a Great Magician: Part 2

Here is the second part of The Secrets of a Great Magician 

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3.      He disguised an illusion using a person’s free will.
A person’s free will is one of the greatest gifts that people have. To be able to do anything of your own accord is precious. That gift, that precious gift is being used against us. The magicians have technique and it is called the Magician’s Choice. This technique is very simple but very effective. The magic trick in which he applied this technique is the Coin Disappearance Trick. He did that trick to Pharell Williams. He will disappear one of the two kinds of coin he has, a silver and bronze ones. Dynamo then asked Pharell “which one did he prefer?”.  He did not ask “which one to disappear?”. That is when he used the Magician’s Choice. The way we look at it, Dynamo gave Pharell a free choice but in reality, Dynamo’s the one who will decide which one to disappear. Dynamo chose the bronze coin to disappear. So no matter what Pharell chooses, the bronze coin will always disappear. If Pharell says that he prefers the silver one, Dynamo will simply say that he will let Pharell keep the silver ones. If Pharell chooses the bronze one, then Dynamo will simply disappear the bronze ones. He utilized our gift of free will and make it like an illusion.
4.      He used a fake arm.
The use of a fake arm is not new to all of us. Not only the magicians use it but also others. A fake arm can be used as a prop in a movie. When an arm is severed, they use a prosthetic arm that equally looks fake and real. It can also be used as a part of a costume for a Halloween party for instance. Dynamo used a fake arm as a harness. The trick in which he used a fake arm is when he appears to be riding with the bus. He is not inside the bus but beside it. He is only holding the side of a bus with his left arm.  His right arm is swinging as if he is taking a walk in a park. So he looks like he is levitating. Of course anyone who can see him will be astounded. The trick behind it is that he used a fake arm as a harness to support him. It is clearly fake because his arm is very stiff and steady. His real arm is tightly concealed in his body. His free arm, the right arm is moving normally to distract people from the other arm to make it look real.

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