The Secrets of a Great Magician: Part 1

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What is magic? Magic is something that is unnatural. A feat like this is physically impossible for any human being. It defies all logic and laws of science. Now, we know that magicians cannot really do magic but merely using tricks or cheats to be able to fool people. They use the person’s senses to be able to feel them. Dynamo is no different.

Dynamo one of new magicians today has also secrets and tricks behind his great magical feats. Now, we should not be disappointed if he cannot perform ‘real’ magic. After all, the things magicians do is done to delight and entertain us. We should be grateful and appreciative for the joy they provide  We will be amazed as to how simple and complex they are

1.      He used glue to make his trick creepy.
He was able to creep everyone out and even Pharell himself with this trick. The magic trick was to retrieve the mint that is in his throat by using a necklace to pass through his neck. When Dynamo pulls out the necklace from his neck the mint is mysteriously stringed in the necklace. The secret behind this creepy trick is glue! Yes! It is as simple and innocent as glue. Dynamo put glue in his neck beforehand. When he put the necklace it sticks to his neck quite well. To be more convincing, he tilts his head for a dramatic and gruesome effect. It looked like the necklace was slicing through his neck. What of the mint? He really did eat the one he put in his mouth. How did the mint appear in the necklace? The answer is that he has an extra mint on hand! He put the mint through the necklace when no one was looking and concealed it with his hand. When he pulled the necklace out of his neck, he let the mint slip down so as to be visible to the people. He used his fast hand movements for that. Simple isn’t it but very creepy.
2.      He wittingly utilized one of Mother Nature’s gifts.
One of the arsenals of great magicians to a magic trick is to use Mother Nature. Mother Nature’s gifts are so many; you can barely enumerate it all. Light, dark, warmth and cold are some of her beautiful gifts. Dynamo used the gift of darkness along with a few man-made creations. Dynamo surprised many bystanders by walking down a building. The people who were watching him were amazed because he seems to be walking quite normally as if he is walking upright. They also did not see or noticed any harness or wire to support him. How did he do it? Of course he used wire! This trick is old but very effective especially for levitation tricks. No one saw the wire because he did the stunt at night. Also the people were below Dynamo, so they only saw his body. They did not what dynamo’s body was blocking, the wire. The wire he used is different. It is probably very thin but strong. It is also hard to see in the sunlight so much more at night.


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