The Secrets of a Great Magician: The Final Act

Dieter_G / Pixabay

Dieter_G / Pixabay

Here is the final part of The Secrets of a Great Magician

9.      His secret has a secret behind it.
Every magic trick has a secret behind it. It is a secret that will unmask the ‘magic’ behind the trick. However, there are magic tricks that are hard to get a read on. They are simple but complex in many ways. We only have to guess what is behind it. Only the magician knows how he did a trick. There is such trick that Dynamo did that will have us guessing how did he do it. Dynamo stole the sunglasses from one of the monkeys on the skateboard of DJ’s Slipknot. The possible things that he did were he either video edited the footage or that skateboard was his and was tampered with. In video editing, he simply has to cut out some parts and make it look like the time the sunglasses on his face appeared and the time when the sunglasses were missing from the middle of the monkeys happened simultaneously. In reality, a reasonable amount of time passed before either one happened. As an alternative, the skateboard really belonged to Dynamo and is designed to do whatever it has to do. He simply asked DJ to talk about his skateboarding history to make it look like the skateboard is owned by DJ. The possibilities on how did he do the trick is limitless. Maybe we could ask Dynamo How did he do it.
10.     He is always one step ahead.
Like all magicians before him, Dynamo is always ahead of his spectators. That is how he could fool us. When we think that the trick is happening, the truth is the trick happened before or is happening somewhere else. That is the job of the magician, to distract us from what is really happening. Magicians are using our attention to cover up the trick. An example is when he told that he will make the bronze coin disappear from his hand. The coin magically appeared under his watch. It is something that is truly magic. The coin did not magically appear in his watch. It was already there from the very beginning. Dynamo planted it there beforehand. We should remember that he knew that the bronze coin will disappear so he was able to prepare. Another example is when he magically turned his credit card into Pharell’s credit card. The answer is simple: he stole Pharell’s credit card . We did not notice because he is fast and he has our full and undivided attention to his hand with his credit card. He is able to utilize our attention to turn it as weapon against us. That way, we are easily fooled.

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