How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an important part of wedding planning and something you probably want to begin to plan earlier than later. There are many different options to choose from when ordering wedding invitations, and the price can be just as flexible.

If you are looking to stick within a wedding budget and need to consciously plan for each expense, there are several ways you can save on your wedding invitations. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut back on quality. If you have an idea of what you like, you can create an affordable invite at a much lower cost.

Here are some ways to save money on wedding invitations:

Design and print your own invites

With the way technology has progressed, there are lots of great computer software programs that can help you design and print out your own professional-looking wedding invitations. All you need to purchase is the program, invitation paper and enough ink to print out the number of invites you need.

You can purchase these supplies at most office and stationary stores, and many other merchants sell these as well either online or at brick-and-mortar stores. Printing your own invitations for your guests costs a fraction of what it would cost to have them created at a professional print shop, yet at home you can create to your heart’s content with designs, images, fonts and wording.

The other benefit is if you don’t end up liking your design after you test print an invitation, you can redo it and tinker with it until it looks just the way you want it to.

Create and print labels

Rather than hire a calligrapher or other professional to print labels to put on the invitation envelopes, response cards and thank yous, you can easily do this yourself. Simply by using Microsoft Access or Excel, there is a label option in the menus. All that’s entailed is typing your guest information (and for return addresses, be sure to remember to do a page of your own address) into the database/spreadsheet and let the wizard do its thing. There are also options in most invitation software packages that allow you to create graphics, special fonts and other niceties on your homemade labels.

Shop different prices

When planning wedding invites, the Internet is your friend. If making your own invitations will be too time intensive, you can run a search to price out different kinds of invitations. Some styles, sizes and “extras” are much more expensive than others. For instance, thermography is much cheaper than traditional engraved invitations, but still looks very nice.

If you are uncomfortable with ordering over the Internet, it is still of value to do searches first. This way when you visit local print shops you know what you are talking about so if they try and sell you the most expensive products, you can tell them precisely what you want and know a ballpark range of what you are willing and/or can afford to pay.

Print reception information on formal invite

Instead of ordering two cards, you can combine the ceremony and reception information on the same invite, especially if you’ll be getting married on the same property the reception will be held. This way you aren’t paying double for separate invitations and will help keep your wedding expenses down.

Proofread invitations

Mistakes are very costly. Whether you make the invites yourself or order them professionally, always, always proofread. If you are making the cards yourself, print one out as a test to see how it looks and if there are any typos. If you’re ordering them professionally, double check the order to ensure it is correct; ask someone else to come with you to double check with a second eye.

Deciding on wedding invitations are one of the highlights of planning a wedding because they will reflect you and your soon to be spouse and are the method of inviting those you want to share your special day with. While these can get costly, the good news is there are many ways you can save money on wedding invitations.

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