Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2015- Written Update- Sanju Possessed

Lets take a look at what happened in today’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2015.


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2015- Highlights & Written Update

Mysterious Things Happening In The Bharadwaj Family

With the exit of Pratyusha Banerjee, the track of the dayan Mohini has come to an end. However things are not the same, as they used to be for the Bharadwaj family. Simar has got a painting of the dayan Indravati at her home, though she was warned by a strange old lady that the painting brings bad luck.

The painting of Indravati has increased the tension of the Bharadwaj family. First in the middle of the night, Mataji and Simar were awakened by the sound of ghungrus. Next Uma was found unconcious in the hall and later Guruji was also attacked by an invisible force and fainted.


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What Is Wrong With Sanju?

While the entire family helped Guruji regain his senses, Sanju told Simar that she is feeling sleepy. Simar was reluctant to go up, but Mataji convinced Simar that she should also take rest.

While Sanju and Simar were leaving, Amar saw Sanju smiling at Indravati’s painting and waving her goodbye. Amar did not realise what was wrong with Sanju’s behaviour. He later went up to the room to talk to Simar and noticed that when Simar was singing a lullaby to make Sanju sleep, Sanju was instead trying to break the neck of her doll. Once Sanju saw Amar she stopped and pretended to be fast asleep. Amar found this strange, but decided to speak to Simar about this the next day.


Sanju Attacks Amar

Amar is the only one who notices Sanju’s strange behaviour. However, seeing Simar already tensed, he just tells her that they should get the painting removed from their house. He says that he believes what that old lady said and they should hand the painting to the police. During this conversation, Amar finds Sanju staring at him angrily. Again while Amar leaves the room, he finds Sanju giving him a broad smile.

Back in Amar’s room, Sanju arrives with a skipping rope. She tries to fling the rope and attack him. However Simar who does not find Sanju asleep in her room goes down and checks on her.


Amar Warns Simar About Sanju

Amar takes Simar to one corner and tells her that he is noticing something strange in Sanju’s behaviour. Simar says that Sanju is just a kid and ignores Amar. She lifts Sanju and takes her back to the room. When she asks Sanju why at midnight she had sneaked into Amar’s room, Sanju does not answer and pretends to sleep. Simar saya that Amar has judged her wrong and we then see a broad smile across Sanju’s face.


Is Sanju Possessed By Indravati?

Considering what the old lady said about the witch Indravati’s painting, it seems that Sanju has been possesed by her spirit. May be this explains why she has turned violent in her behaviour.


Tune into today’s episode of Sasural Simar Kaa to know what would happen next with Sanju.


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