Review: Can I Change Your Mind by Lindsay Camp

Can I Change Your Mind Book Cover Can I Change Your Mind
Lindsay Camp
A&C Black Business Information and Development
Paperback, eBook

I like to write, but sometimes I feel like Sisyphus perpetually pushing that bolder uphill only to reach the top and have it roll back to earth. Writing is one thing--writing persuasively is something else.

One day I was casting about looking for something to help me learn to be more persuasive in my writing style, and I found Lindsay Camp’s Can I Change Your Mind? His bio states, “In almost 25 years as a freelance writer, he’s written just about everything it’s possible to be paid for writing, from TV commercials to training videos, websites to annual reports, customer newsletters to promotional champagne labels.”

This is a gem of a book. Mr. Camp’s experience is evident throughout. He openly admits the blinking cursor can still hold him in thrall, but he has an exercise for that demon as well as other pitfalls that can trip up a writer.

He takes us through his mental processes and explains how he develops ideas. He’s a story teller (another goal of mine) so it’s an entertaining read as well. I bought the book twice—first as an ebook and once I got into it I ordered a hard copy. I have a favorite section that I pour over repeatedly when I get stuck so it has become a reference book for me. I’m sure you’ll have a favorite section too.

I discovered the book by serendipity having never heard of it or seen a review, and that’s a shame because while it’s a great book for writers trying to improve their craft many people need to learn to write persuasively – job seekers, managers, and grant applicants for example.

The book was written back in 2007 and originally published in Great Britain. It’s available in the US via Amazon and I urge you to pick up a copy. I think you’ll find it both helpful and entertaining.

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