How to Remove Hairspray from Silk Blouse

The invisible net that holds our favorite hairdo in place is not so invisible when it lands on a silk blouse. Depending on the location of the hairspray stain, it can render the garment unwearable unless you know how to get the stain out. Follow these tips for removing hairspray stains from a silk blouse (or any other silk fabric) so you can keep your hair in place and while wearing your favorite silk blouse.

Forget Dry Cleaning

Try as they might, your dry cleaner is probably not going to be able to remove the hairspray stain. It’s going to take a wet, soap and water cleaning to get the sticky substance out of the fabric. Unless your silk blouse specifically states on the care label ‘dry clean only’, it should be safe to use water on the fabric and hand wash.

Color test

Fill your kitchen sink with lukewarm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo. Immerse the silk blouse in the water and watch it carefully – if you notice the fabric color begin to bleed out into the water, remove the blouse immediately. If the color does not bleed out, it’s fine to continue the hand washing process.

Hand Washing

Work the soapy water through the blouse by kneading the fabric, much like kneading together the ingredients of a meatloaf. Knead gently for three minutes, then place the blouse in a colander and rinse the soap out of the fabric by running lukewarm water over it. Rinse until the water coming out of the colander runs clear and no soap suds remain on the fabric.

Press and Dry

After rinsing, shake the colander up and down a couple of times to remove some of the excess water. Pick the wet blouse up and fold it into fourths then place it back inside colander and press with the palm of your hand. This will push the excess water out of the fabric. Do not wring silk fabric.

Remove blouse from colander and lay flat on a dry bath towel, then cover it with another dry bath towel and apply pressure with the palms of your hands to draw out as much moisture from the fabric as possible. Remove top bath towel and let silk blouse lie flat until it’s dry. When dry, the hairspray stain should no longer be visible and the silk blouse good as new.

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