Remember the Compassion, Kindness, and Joyfulness

There was a time when there was realness. Meaning “society was more embracing and happier.” Kindness was spread all around. Now it appears as if so many are so cruel and rarely uplift others. As if so many have lost hope. Not caring about others just trying to destroy whatever a person has going on. Whatever happened to the compassion? The neighbors were friendly and there was more care. There’s so many who refuse to smile or even try to be happy. More people are discouraging others from moving ahead. 

Years ago there was more kindness. Especially when Hurricane Andrew came through Florida. There were so many who were giving and there was laughter. Not it seems there’s a lot of grumpy people. Rather attack others and try to cause disruptions then to lend a hand. Rather judge others then try to encourage others to be “prosperous.” Very unfortunate. In the country there still are some who will display kindness and show compassion. 

It’s difficult to deal with so many rude people. Rarely coming in contact with the ones who really love others. Who really want to see “positive changes” occur. The times we’re in are so unsettling. There seems to be madness all around. Times will change but what is happening to society? There seems to be a lot of desperation. Some not even willing to look at the bright side. Focusing on all the wrong others are doing and not the good. Everyone has some goodness within. 

It appears so many are trying to gain but not willing to put in the work to gain. Being deceptive and not allowing others to try and reach their “potential.” Focusing on the wrong things. There should be more embracing. There should be more love. The world already is filled with a lot of hate. Certainly can use more love. A smile and words of encouragement. 

Of course we shouldn’t depend on others doing the encouraging but not many even try. Perhaps afraid that there will be more abundance by doing so. “The mindsets” of some are to knock others down instead of trying to uplift others. Back in the 80’s and 90’s there appeared to be more willing to display kindness and there was more joy. More people were into dancing and the music. Not want others are trying to accomplish and not trying to knock others down. Of course there still was some who were cruel but there will always be as long as we’re here. 

No matter what other people do, we should still focus on trying to do better, enjoy the time we have here. Feel happy about the next levels. The achievements. Be prosperous and continue to stay determined. A friendly wave and communications that are enjoyable. Too many people are trying to harm others. Fight others for their works. That’s where we are in today’s world. So sad. How can there be prosperity when others aren’t even allowing others “to be joyful.” To try to live productive lives. Just fighting and some not even knowing what they’re fighting for. 

The Friendly ones must be on another planet. It’s very rare to see individuals embracing. To hear “encouraging words.” So many not wanting to even engage with others because of the behaviors. It’s not right that so many try to come up against others. Especially the ones who aren’t bothering anyone else. That’s what so many are doing now. 

“A Simple Smile can go Along way. Perhaps More People Should try Smiling.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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