Relevance of certification in the field of HR

Human resource industry is always in a constant state of change as it deals with the growth and advancement of people that is the ultimate variable. An HR professional is expected to master the required skills to make fundamental contributions to an organizational culture, development and extraordinary staff.

In recent times, there have been questions regarding the importance of having a certificate or a human resources degree to make a successful career in the field of HR. As some people believe that no matter how many skills a person is able to learn by attending lectures, it cannot prepare a professional for the hands-on life of a human resource employee who practices HR management on a daily basis.

Though an HR credential doesn’t provide too much of learning for an experienced person in the field, it does help to prove their years of experience and help them get better in performance management. As Certifications not only provides a way for accrediting your experience and abilities but also helps to display expertise for a high level of your career. And for those who are still pursuing studies in human resources, an HR certificate lets students build a strong foundation of knowledge of the HR field and also and help them look great on their resume while applying for jobs at various companies that consider certificates to be a solid proof of administration and structural expertise.

A survey by Human Resources Certification Institute showed that hiring managers give preference to the applicants who carry a certificate as organizations believe that HR professions with credentials have a better impact over the financial performance of the company and given it a competitive advantage. Also, business leaders believe that HR certified professions are more knowledgeable and better motivated than the non-certified HR workers and inspire more confidence & trust from business colleagues.

Many studies show that HR professions with credentials earn more than their non-certified counterparts and the income disparity keeps increasing as they move forward in their careers. Also, many times HR professional are not considered for promotions or high-level jobs if they don’t hold a credential from a reputed institution.

A study by payscale stated that as people move further in their HR careers, the instance of certification is found progressively. At the human resources VP level, 42 % of people holding these positions are certified. Also, 30 % of HR managers, as well as 39 % of professionals with the title, HR director, hold certification.

There are various reasons why companies value certifications and human resources degree; one of them is that an HR professional who is certified is perceived as someone who has taken crucial exams and has been a part of skill development events or other educational programs. Though the most important aspect for an employee to excel in their HR career is a passion for their work and dedication to human resources development, most organizations expect their employees to keep pursuing skill growth. They desire the workforce to be led by someone who is ready the push their knowledge boundaries by getting certified.

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